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What to wear in Marrakech, Morocco : Lady Travel

So you’re a lady going to Marrakesh and you don’t know what to pack? Allow me to help! I’ve got opinions. And pictures. And I recently went to Marrakesh! Morocco is a conservative country, and that obviously has an effect on how woman traveling there should dress. However, it isn’t as conservative as many of its African and Middle Eastern neighbors (I’ve got a “what to wear” guide coming up for Oman soon, speaking of, and it is much more conservative). This gives female travelers a bit of leeway. There is no real “dress code”, ie. you will not get […]

wandering the souk in Marrakesh

Finding chaos and calm in Marrakech

Stepping out of a taxi and into the middle of a bustling square in the center of Marrakesh was unlike any other travel experience I’ve ever had. There were whiffs of the chaos that I’d experienced in the Marshall Islands, sure, but this was something different. It was hot, boiling. And the roundabout we were in the middle of seemed less like an orderly management system for traffic and more an inconvenience to the bubbling melange of donkey carts, scooters, old cars and walker trying to cross from one of the streets to another. Our taxi driver had picked us […]


A summer better late than never

England held off on welcoming summer until mid-July. Now we’re at the end of August with true autumn right around the bend and the hottest days of the season happening all around us. It’s strange, but I will not look this gift horse in the mouth. The thing that defines my life in England is definitely the weather. I hate talking about it so much and having it reflect back to me my emotions so often but there it is. It happens. Five years in, you’d think I wouldn’t be so affected by it, but I still am. Getting used […]

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Street Art in Shoreditch

East London isn’t a part of the city that I’ve traditionally spent much time in, although I’ve always loved how vibrant and gritty it is. As the area becomes more and more gentrified, it seems that the time to enjoy this neighborhood while it still has a real personality of its own is drawing to an end. Soon Shoreditch will cease to look like Shoreditch at all!¬† Last Saturday I was invited to check out a walking street art tour with Alternative London and, guys, I love walking tours, so I said yes. I just think that wandering around with […]

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Travelling alone in Paris while female

Travelling alone while female is a topic that has been well-trod basically since the first woman left her house with no chaperone and galloped right¬†out of town, shocking everyone. Personally, I’m a fan of the solo travel experience – I know that many people of all genders are not for a variety of reasons, but travelling alone allows you to become uncomfortable and subsequently comfortable with yourself, with being by yourself and having no one to bounce ideas off of, with having no one to make decisions with, and ultimately, with having no one to answer to. I recommend it. […]