A summer better late than never

England held off on welcoming summer until mid-July. Now we’re at the end of August with true autumn right around the bend and the hottest days of the season happening all around us. It’s strange, but I will not look this gift horse in the mouth. The thing that defines my life in England is definitely the weather. I hate talking about it so much and having it reflect back to me my emotions so often but there it is. It happens. Five years in, you’d think I wouldn’t be so affected by it, but I still am. Getting used […]

street art in shoreditch

Street Art in Shoreditch

East London isn’t a part of the city that I’ve traditionally spent much time in, although I’ve always loved how vibrant and gritty it is. As the area becomes more and more gentrified, it seems that the time to enjoy this neighborhood while it still has a real personality of its own is drawing to an end. Soon Shoreditch will cease to look like Shoreditch at all!¬† Last Saturday I was invited to check out a walking street art tour with Alternative London and, guys, I love walking tours, so I said yes. I just think that wandering around with […]

paris by night solo female safety tips

Travelling alone in Paris while female

Travelling alone while female is a topic that has been well-trod basically since the first woman left her house with no chaperone and galloped right¬†out of town, shocking everyone. Personally, I’m a fan of the solo travel experience – I know that many people of all genders are not for a variety of reasons, but travelling alone allows you to become uncomfortable and subsequently comfortable with yourself, with being by yourself and having no one to bounce ideas off of, with having no one to make decisions with, and ultimately, with having no one to answer to. I recommend it. […]


A Quickie in Paris

Last week my friend Lindsey was in Paris. She’s a French teacher back in Ohio and was leading a group trip to France – a ten day shindig that began in Paris then took them through the beautiful chateaux of the Loire Valley, then back to Paris before flying home. I try to pop across the Channel and see her when she does this every other year (although the last time I couldn’t go because the Home Office had my passport, so the last rendezvous was in 2012). And that is how I found myself on a fancy new Eurostar […]


A pitstop in Plymouth

With a welcome sign like that, how isn’t Plymouth more popular? Just kidding. Apparently a ‘hoe’ is a thing – a large south-facing public space, my research tells me. Not a timeless name though, but well in keeping with England’s tradition of refusing to rename things that become funnier/more inappropriate/super rude with age and time (see also: spotted dick, Cockfosters tube station, the town of Shitterton in Dorset, the town of Titty Hill in Sussex, a pub I had lunch at once called The Black Boy Inn). (giggle) On our long drive back from Cornwall to Brighton we stopped off […]