Tintagel, King Arthur’s Castle

This past Christmas both Jon and I got each other trips as our gift. Mine was a weekend away in a hotel in London that he’d always wanted to go to – the gorgeous St Pancras Renaissance – and we went for his birthday weekend back in February. His gift for me was a long weekend away to the southwest of England, in a bit of Cornwall called Newquay. We stayed in the hotel that they filmed The Witches at, which was pretty stunning for me as 1) I love that movie and still find it super scary,  and 2) […]

How to spend 5 days in Barcelona // part two

Eleven years ago I was studying abroad in Dijon, France, thanks to a big juicy student loan I’d taken out to pay for it, coupled with the knowledge that if I was going to move abroad, doing it via a university program was definitely the best way to go. I was in quaint little Dijon, home of the mustard, for 8 weeks and spent the weekends traveling around Europe – Switzerland, Italy, Amsterdam, and, you know, Paris  – and that is how I first found myself in Barcelona. That summer, the long weekend in Spain was full of embracing topless sunbathing […]

How to spend 5 days in Barcelona // part one

The rest of that title should be “…if you’re me and/or my friends and it’s April of 2016”. Who am I to tell you how to spend your time, you know? A series of celebratory things came our way for Jon and I and a couple of our friends, so we all headed to (you guessed it) Barcelona for a citybreak and some sunshine at the end of April. Because the sunshine+heat combo had not yet descended on the south of England where we make our home, and  you gotta do what you gotta do to keep from descending into […]

Fitness after thirty

When I was younger, I was what you might call an ‘athlete’. I wasn’t a good athlete, by any means. But I did lots of sports, even though I wasn’t particularly talented at any of them. I didn’t care much though. It was fun, and my friends did the same sports I did and so being the best, or even good, just wasn’t a source of stress. (True story – my high school boyfriend said I ran like a T-rex with my lil’ arms. So picture that while you read this, if you want…) When I got into high school […]

A quick weekend in Bristol

February is a month full of birthdays when it comes to my friends and family. That, and October. And this year it led to hitting the road and heading out of town for two out of the four weekends.  This is a perfect balance because it leaves lots of time to sleep and rest on alternating weekends, which is important to a lazy sleepy person such as myself. Our friend Dave turned 30 last week, so we rented a car and hit the road for the 4+ hour drive over to the West Country to surprise him and have a […]