A pitstop in Plymouth

With a welcome sign like that, how isn’t Plymouth more popular? Just kidding. Apparently a ‘hoe’ is a thing – a large south-facing public space, my research tells me. Not a timeless name though, but well in keeping with England’s tradition of refusing to rename things that become funnier/more inappropriate/super rude with age and time (see also: spotted dick, Cockfosters tube station, the town of Shitterton in Dorset, the town of Titty Hill in Sussex, a pub I had lunch at once called The Black Boy Inn). (giggle) On our long drive back from Cornwall to Brighton we stopped off […]

Austin, Texas : South Congress, La Barbecue, bat watching and a pub quiz

  After the expense of New York City and the hustle and bustle of New Orleans, getting to Austin was like taking a breath of fresh air. Hot air, but fresh air, that we could actually afford to breathe. It was also a strange place – a city where every public bathroom, even in grocery stores and shops, even for men, had notices that women shouldn’t be drinking just in case they were pregnant. A place where I saw more casual gun carrying than maybe I have seen in my entire life. It was disconcerting, and at times I wasn’t […]

A wild weekend in New Orleans

It started with flying into hurricane weather and ended up with getting into a car and driving the eight hours to Austin, Texas and in between well…what happens in New Orleans, right? After a quick few days in New York City, we flew down to the deep South (a part of the country I’d never been to) to meet a group of our friends, making a precarious landing just as a storm set in that delayed all of those friends’ flights. It ended up being a bit of foreshadowing for how the rest of the weekend would go, with intermittent […]

Three days in New York City

I hesitate to use the word epic since it so rarely is used anymore to describe things that are actually epic by definition, but I’d say a 17 day road trip across 4 American states and 5 major cities ticks all the boxes for epic in my own life, so here we are. Several weeks ago, Jon and I flew into the hell hole that is JFK International Airport on Wednesday evening, and the heat that greeted us as we walked out of the terminal was like a breath of new life into my cold, damp lungs. We ubered into […]

A weekend in Cornwall

The weather cooled down during our second day in Cornwall – a not completely unexpected change from the astoundingly good weather on Friday. It wasn’t raining though, and that’s always good enough around here. After a seriously good breakfast at the┬ábreakfast buffet at The Headland Hotel, we went for a long walk along the coast and ended up having a little picnic lunch on a cliff looking out to sea. We have the most amazing picnic bag and it’s really upped our game this spring so far – it’s got plates and silverware and little wine glasses, plus a heat […]