What to wear in Oman : Lady Travel

Having been unable to find the information before we went on holiday to Oman last year, and having friends who live there who weren’t overly specific in the way that I was looking for (TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT I SHOULD BE WEARING GUYS. FEED MY NEUROSES.), it seemed like a good idea to write the post I would have liked to read before hopping on a plane to the Middle East. So how should you dress if you’re a lady heading to the Middle East- specifically, Oman- on holiday and you want to be a) respectful, b) comfortable, and c) […]

alcohol marrakesh

Places to drink alcohol in Marrakech

Visiting a majority Muslim country can offer unique challenges for those of us who like to end a day of exploring with a relaxing glass of wine or two. When Jon and I were visiting Marrakech in early October, we spent a little bit too much time trying to find WiFi to Google a place to have dinner that also would serve us alcohol. No regrets! Fortunately, our searches led us to some great places – and some not so great places too.  I thought it’d be nice to share them here, and save you all the trouble.   Kechmara […]

Sheffield Park Autumn Colors

Adventures in Sussex: Autumn colors in Sheffield Park and Garden

Autumn colors can be hard to come by in England, but my cold Midwest American heart just isn’t really happy unless I find some vibrant reds, oranges and yellows in the landscape! Being new car owners, this year is the first time that we’ve been able to just…GO and hunt down the best foliage around. In a car! It’s practically witchcraft! Over the weekend we drove up and over to East Sussex to spend our Sunday afternoon wandering around Sheffield Park and Garden. The entrance was packed! It seems everyone did the same research that I did. But it was […]

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What to wear in Marrakech, Morocco : Lady Travel

So you’re a lady going to Marrakesh and you don’t know what to pack? Allow me to help! I’ve got opinions. And pictures. And I recently went to Marrakesh! Morocco is a conservative country, and that obviously has an effect on how woman traveling there should dress. However, it isn’t as conservative as many of its African and Middle Eastern neighbors (I’ve got a “what to wear” guide coming up for Oman soon, speaking of, and it is much more conservative). This gives female travelers a bit of leeway. There is no real “dress code”, ie. you will not get […]

wandering the souk in Marrakesh

Finding chaos and calm in Marrakech

Stepping out of a taxi and into the middle of a bustling square in the center of Marrakesh was unlike any other travel experience I’ve ever had. There were whiffs of the chaos that I’d experienced in the Marshall Islands, sure, but this was something different. It was hot, boiling. And the roundabout we were in the middle of seemed less like an orderly management system for traffic and more an inconvenience to the bubbling melange of donkey carts, scooters, old cars and walker trying to cross from one of the streets to another. Our taxi driver had picked us […]