Hello there.

Ashley Sheets Freelance Copywriter Brighton

Hey, I’m Ashley. Welcome!

I’m a freelance writer, content strategist, and general digital marketing person living on the rocky beaches of  Shoreham-by-Sea in the south of England.  I’m also an American expat and itinerant travel writer. My work has been featured in Ethical Business, the Google Digital Garage, Freelance Advisor, Zusterschap, and The W Review, among other publications.

I’ve worked with brands like Neilson Holidays, Mooncup, Hitachi, McArthur Glen, Hi-Tec, and VW Heritage, on everything from copywriting to developing and implementing comprehensive content strategies, to social media consultancy and management.

A portfolio of some of my editorial work can be found at https://ashleysheets.contently.com.

 I  began travel blogging back in 2009 to keep in touch with family and friends as I traveled the world. My travel writing has been featured in places like We Are Travel Girls, The Trekking Cat, and Expats Blog. I’m still putting words on the internet – both for love and for money. You are very welcome to read them.

If you’d like to hire me to write for you, or if you just want to say hello or have a chat about indefinitely moving abroad, then please do be in touch. I can be reached at ashley(at)ashleysheets(dot)com.

Travel writing intro: Here’s a primer to get going.

Wanna read about my time in South Korea-like when I went to the DMZ, was a bit disappointed by the Cherry Blossom Festival, found myself eating bratwurst at a German Christmas market….in Seoul, toured the gorgeous Gyeongbokgun Palace,  got drunk on a very terrible wine train, or sullied myself at the Mud Festival? Then there was Hong Kong (and Hong Kong again). Or what about Paris?  Or Tenerife-it’s cooler than you think! Same with Benidorm, Spain for that matter. Or maybe you want to read some feminist diatribes, or perhaps about my thoughts on how British classism affects where people go on holiday/vacation? Perhaps you love Ohio as I do (or maybe just need tips on what to do in Columbus). Or London. (I recommend London at Christmas especially). Or Brighton! Or Sussex in general! Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more like the mystical, magical Stonehenge? Or the Roman baths of….. Bath? There’s that wild weekend in New Orleans and how to spend 3 days in NYC. And I’ve written a lot about living that expat life, like things I never expected before moving indefinitely abroad, how different American foods are from English foods and why that sucks, holiday traditions in the UK vs the USA, being a Yankee in England on Independence Day, and English phrases that have seeped into my vocabulary. Oh, and if you’re nosey, some bits from our wedding, which was featured on Rock n Roll Bride!

Whew! That should get you started. Get in touch if you want ashley@ashleysheets.com.