As I Further Procrastinate My Packing Duties

I am leaving the country in 6 days now, again for a full year, and yet I can’t bring myself to start packing. It is definitely not that I’m not excited-to the contrary, I’m completely stoked and somewhat anxious to just go already! It’s been nearly three extra weeks since I was originally supposed to fly to Seoul, so yeah, it’s about time. But in terms of packing, the real problem is that I hate sitting in an empty room. Like, I don’t want to take the shit off of my walls because my little room in Kellie’s house is already a sad, sad place, and without my bulletin board and sparse posters, it will be quite melancholy and then I won’t be able to sleep. And I just don’t want to deal with that. So thus far I have packed up all of my cd’s (mostly empty cd cases since I’m taking quite a few cds with me. My sad computer died a few weeks ago, so no itunes in Asia for me, at least not until I start getting paid and can afford a fabulous, brand new, super Asian fabulous fancy laptop!! woo!!) But yeah, so around 200 empty cd cases/full cd cases have been places neatly in a large blue tupperware bin (thanks mom!). And that’s all. I think since I fly out very early Sunday morning, that I have plenty of time. I’m more of a last minute packer myself anyway. Example : when Boomer and I went to the Marshall Islands we spent around 4 hours the night before packing our suitcases. Done. Easy. And this should be much easier considering I’m not planning for an entire year cut off from civilization in the middle of the ocean. No packing a year’s worth of spf 60, or a tiny portable fan (which really should have been battery powered, because hey, if you have no electricity, what is the point of having an electric fan? none i tell you. none), or a bottle of A1 sauce to put on all the rice that I knew I would be eating. This time around, I can be much more selective and simplistic in my selection process. Because, you know, it’s Korea and they have everything that I could want, or so I am led to believe. Although I’m already having trouble even thinking about what shoes I really can’t go a full year without. And if a pair of shoes doesn’t make the cut, does that mean I should give them to Goodwill or something? I don’t want to be greedy. I also don’t want to come back to the U.S. of A and only have 3 pairs of shoes. Oh man. My life is so hard.

2 thoughts on “As I Further Procrastinate My Packing Duties

  1. Billy

    I’ll tell you one thing and one thing only. A1 sauce on rice is the greatest thing ever! Ever!!! My mom makes this rice, it has peices of bacon, egg, celery, onion and some soy. But, when you add that A1 goodness, life is great! For this, I salute you, Ash! Also, I believe there is an episode of “No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain”, where he goes to Korea to eat. Youtube. Maybe it was the Philippines. Regardless, you’re going to eat some top notch food! Lucky!


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