Quickity quick update

A longer post will follow, perhaps on the weekend. Here are a few things that I have gathered from the past two days in Korea.

-Korean kids are sooooo incredibly cute.
-Korean woman are beautiful and stylish. They can also wear whatever they want, including mini skirts, to work. As a woman, You can show as much leg as desired in any situation, but no cleavage or chest-area, ever. Hm.
-I have eaten more meat in the past two days than in the past four years. This includes pork, chicken, fishy something, and maybe some beef, I can’t really be sure. It is virtually impossible to order something without meat in it at a restaurant and everyone eats meat all the time, at every meal, specifically pork.
-I will become a chopstick virtuoso. Yesterday I ate spaghetti with them!
-A work meeting with the other teachers last night went until 5 am. This was on a Wednesday. Hard core.

Seriously, I’m super tired. I will attempt to add a long and detailed something or other soon. Wooo Korea!

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