Korea is bad for my ego

Because I am surrounded at all time by gorgeous, fashionable, tiny Korean women. Seriously, they look amazing all the time. Mothers with small children, middle-aged, teenagers, young professionals-all over the fashion scene. High heels all over the place, for everything-grocery shopping, taking out the dog, even the other kindergarten teachers are wearing knee-high 3-inch heeled boots with their tiny little skirty outfits to school, and we take off our shoes before coming into the actual space! I love it, and am incredibly inspired to branch out with my own fashion choices in any setting, but really it hasn’t been so great for my psyche. It’s nearly impossible to feel pretty when I am in the midst of all this natural beauty. I am utterly mediocre here. It makes me want to lose 30 pounds and throw away every pair of sweat pants I own. Not that I ever really wear sweats out and about, but you know what I mean. Anyway. I am unique dammit! And I have a great personality!

Ahh…the end of another fabulous weekend. Just the right mixture of relaxtion and awesomness/going out time. This week was incredibly busyat school, and also with the addition of my new and lovely roommate for the next year, Marisa. I was worried about agreeing to a roommate situation for my time here, but now that she has actually arrived, I’m excited. We get along famously so far, and I think it will be nice to have a cohort with whom I can explore the city.

The Canadians I live with are leaving for their homeland on Tuesday, then it will just be Marisa and I in the apartment. At that time, I will be moving into the “master bedroom” which has it’s own bathroom and which I am excited about. Now I will actually be able to completely unpack and really make the place into my own home. Yay!

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information about Korean culture. Rock paper scissors solves all problems. Yes, the childhood game of yore, THAT rock paper scissors. Any disagreement can be solved by its use. And not just by children! Adults will also use the game to come to an agreement. It’s kind of strange, but oh-so logical. If only the whole world would use rock paper scissors-I think we’d all be better off.

A recap of my weekend:

Friday was amazing. Since all of the three new “native” (as in Native english speaking) teachers have arrived, and Ian and Christina are about to leave, all of the Big Reading Town teachers were treated to a night out by Mr. Yoo, Reading Town’s owner. We went to a fabulous dinner at a delicious and swanky galbi (some sort of grilled meat) restaurant, but the true fun followed afterwards, with a trip to a nuraebong. What’s a nuraebong, you may ask? I will tell you-it is a fantastic, amazing and wonderful private karaoke room, where you can drink and sing songs all night long with your friends. Mr. Yoo started us off with some old school Korean tunes, and I quickly followed with some Beyonce “Single Ladies”. Everyone was super into it, and generally each song would be sung by everyone in the room that knew the words. The Korean teachers know how to belt out a tune, let me tell you. It was so fun. So fun that I woke up with no voice whatsoever on Saturday, and didn’t truly recover it until about now, late Sunday evening.

Saturday evening was much more chill, just dinner out and then a movie. We-just the foreign teachers this time-jamboed down to Hopeyeong and ate at a Chinese restaurant called (no joke) “Clean Chinese Food”. Apparently the Chinese are not popular amongst the Koreans. The kids at school are particularly vocal about this hatred, and will talk about how the air coming from China smells bad, and that Chinese people are dirty. So yes, “clean” chinese food. Which ended up tasting pretty good, but gave me a stomach ache-so I was not that impressed. But then we went to see The Watchmen, and I thought it was amazing! So good-I was so happy to be able to see it, I’ve been looking forward to it since the previews started showing, and I was completely satisfied.

This brings me to today, Sunday. Marisa, Ian, Christina, Jenn, Colin and I journeyed into Seoul to catch some brunch and do some shopping. The day turned into a fabulous Sunday indeed and I scored two gorgeous pairs of shoes, one of which I got for 5000 won, roughly $3.75 or so. They are orange and ladylike and dainty, with a tiny 1/2 inch kitten heel. The other pair are 5 inch dominatrix black strappy heels, very Sex and the City, and very fab. And comfortable! Hard to believe, but true. And so satisfying. Now I can start playing up my fashionable Korean woman side. Oh Becca, you would love it here.

Another week starts tomorrow! I am off to bed. Peace and love to the western hemisphere.

4 thoughts on “Korea is bad for my ego

  1. Snopup

    I’m so stoked you are loving it over there. You should definitely podcast from Karaoke (Single Ladies…nice!) if you can. Also, Watchmen was great! I went by myself on Friday (Ralph went to Milk) and can’t wait to see it again with people. I have been in jury duty this past week and again next week, and for some reason mine is the only computer that cant get access to the wireless internet (it is all VERY frustrating for me), so this is the first I have read of your blog. Thanks for posting though, I look forward to following you around. Well, I should get back to school and work things. Take Care over there!

  2. David Sheets

    Garbage Party!!! I loved that song back in the day. I went to a garbage party… to reminise with my old friends…Wait a sec. My bad, that was Garden Party. Je t’aime.


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