Cherry Blossom Festival…not so big on the cherry blossoms


So we made the journey to Yeoido Park today for the Cherry Blossom Festival..unfortunately there were not too many blossoms to be found. It’s still a bit chilly around these parts. Hopefully another adventure will be had next weekend, or some day this week…cherry blossom season is notoriously short, as in 2 or 3 days, so at the first sign of blossoms, I will be found wandering aimlessly, sniffing and frolicking amongst the blossoms.



Since the cherry blossom fest wasn’t up to snuff, we next tried the 63 building downtown, which is apparently the largest building in all of Korea, for a little lunch and entertainment.  The height of the building isn’t really all that impressive-it’s honestly 63 stories high-but it’s next to the Han River, and offers up some interesting things to do. After grabbing a bite to eat we went to SeaWorld, which is what you would imagine it to be, as in, an aquarium with lots of water animal exhibits. I was really blown away by some of the animals they had inside-soooo many huge fish! Giant crabs! Sharks! And the biggest turtle I have ever seen in my entire life! I didn’t expect all that much, and it was totally worth the 15,000 won.

Marisa is there for scale...ew. Crabs are the spiders of the sea!

Marisa is there for scale…ew. Crabs are the spiders of the sea!

Another good Sunday. Hopefully next weekend will involve more sunshine! Only two more weeks (fingers crossed) of all this overtime, then my life can be interesting again. And my first paycheck is tomorrow! I will be typing my next post on the new laptop that I plan on buying Tuesday. Yay for being a gainfully employed young adult!


4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Festival…not so big on the cherry blossoms

  1. yelhsa2114 Post author

    Thanks dad:) It’s true though, they are spidery and scary. And quite large, as you can see from le photo. Je t’aime aussi!

  2. Rakesh

    Wonderful culturally dievsre neighborhoods in the DC area. (None that rival Toronto of course but wonderful none the less!) Last time I visited I stayed in Chinatown. It was delightful because Metro stop under the hotel and lots of good walking in the area. Then there is Adams Morgan and I could go on. It’s one of the things I miss about DC. We are having snow, so I wish it was warm enough for Cherry Blossoms right now!

    1. Ashley Post author

      Hi Rakesh-that sounds lovely! This was actually in South Korea, not DC,but I’d love to see the cherry blossoms there too!


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