Wedding Wednesday!

We’ve scheduled our engagement photos! I’m so excited. We’re going with the photographer wife of Jon’s techy-writer friend, Dana Jo. (connections!) Here is some of her work! She’s great, you should go look at the site.

Oh my goodness. I can’t wait! We’re doing it in June, since Jon and I will be together for spring break and that’s just too soon-June is our next Ohio rendezvous, so we’re going with that. I have ideas. No idea what to wear! But I am really looking forward to pictures with my man. Time to start brainstorming. Oh, and have you seen Lauren’s engagement photos over on AsianCajuns?? ┬áToo die for. So much to look up to over here!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday!

  1. AsianCajuns (Lar)

    Hi Ashley!! Thanks so much for mentioning my photos! Cath sent this post to me when I was wifi-less on my honeymoon and I’m just now getting caught up on my emails. I can’t wait to see your photos in June!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Ashley Post author

    You’re welcome Lar-your pictures are absolutely amazing:) I hope you had a fantastic honeymoon!


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