Things of late

Oh hey! Still here. No internet till next week. I’ve been feeling a strange mix of homesickness and comfort in making this new home of ours lately. An interesting juxtaposition, surely. In the meantime, I’m at Starbucks for their free wifi (which I used to fill out the application for a very perfect job the other day, but let’s not get our hopes up). In the meantime, loved ones, know that I am still alive, taking pictures of shit with my phone.

The sun coming out after a miserably rainy morning/afternoon. (See the sea??)image

A coal fire burning at a local pub for a freelancers get-together(making friends!). image

More of the same pub.image


A large mirror that may forever live on the floor of our bedroom. But hopefully not. image

Living room shelves, full of things. image

I have plowed through the Hunger Games in about 4 days. Not especially ground breaking or anything, but worth a read. image

Being dumb. As we do. image

Coconut pig/kitchen hanging things. image


Many olives in vodka. image

Cheery prints to look at daily. imageSo! That’s that. The getting settled continues, and it’s almost the weekend, so cheers to that. In other news, I set a little seagull trap today by putting bits of pancake on the window sill outside of our bedroom window. This is not so much a trap as it is a test, and I just want to see what happens. Oh, man, seagulls are cray. They are EVERYWHERE around here. The landlocked Ohioan in me will never get used to them. (And as an aside, no, there were no seagulls in the Pacific Islands. They don’t roll that way.)

3 thoughts on “Things of late

  1. momma

    finally your first home! It looks very nice can’t wait to see it someday. hopefully sooner than later! you need to give me your address. talk to you soon love you bunches!!!

  2. Ashley Post author

    that potholder really brings the whole room together, so true:) miss and love you too mom! (and lindz!)


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