Everything is

I have been struggling just to make it through these past few days. Weighed down under a depression in the wake of a week filled with natural disaster, racism, home-grown terrorism, murder, and on a more trivial note, shitty, unseasonably cold weather. Death and destruction and horrible things every which way I turn.

Sometimes it is hard to face the day when it seems each one brings more of the same, or something even worse.

It is hard to feel optimistic at times like these. And yet yesterday my brother in law’s girlfriend gave birth to their child. A new baby in the world. And there it is. Everything just keeps going and going and going, the good and the bad. And we are all in it.


3 thoughts on “Everything is

  1. Edna

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling down but congratulations on the new family member. Sending you hugs and hoping you feel better soon!

    1. Ashley Post author

      Thanks lady! I think that sometimes this incessant gray just makes everything seem so much worse! Today the sun is out, it’s nearly hot, and I’m feeling much more cheerful about things.


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