On good professional feelings

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Bruce on my work desk, apropos of nothing. But he’s so cuuuuute.

Today I presented my first professional writing workshop. Twelve employees of a company I consult for, none of them writers, most of them developers, stared at me blankly, or nodded sometimes, or took notes. I got them all brainstorming ideas for articles around themes, I got them chatting to one another to think up clever and interesting titles, I taught them what to look for when proofreading and editing one another’s work, and I hopefully made them feel a little more empowered and able to take ownership of their writing abilities. It went really really well, and even though I wanted to throw up just a little bit before it began, I didn’t. Yay.

To me writing has always come fairly easy. A hobby but also a skill, and a craft. The idea of it, but more often the act of it. Writing makes me feel better, more connected to myself and my thoughts. And so many people don’t have that and don’t feel comfortable putting proverbial pen to paper, and I love that my job now is so much about getting people to find those words and get them out, even if it isn’t always about the most interesting of things.

Teaching was hard. Being a teacher was really hard. It was fun and satisfying and forever interesting, but it was hard and underpaid and overworked too. I loved teaching my students of all ages how to tap into their own thoughts and jot those things down, and getting in front of that group today was like being in front of a classroom all over again.

It is incredibly satisfying to feel like I’ve found a thing that I want to do for the foreseeable future, that I’m good at, but that I can get better at. It’s good to be paid a good salary to do good work with good people. I never really thought all those parts would fall into place, and I still can’t quite believe that they have. But they have. Or they seem to have, for now. Which is good enough for me.

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