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Emerging from hibernation

Whether or not it’s been connected to the dreary winter, I have withdrawn into myself these past few months and can feel myself unfolding as the days lengthen and the sun peeps out and as the winds grow warmer and warmer. I have been writing, but not online, or at least not personally and online. But things are changing, spring is coming, and my social calendar is starting to fill up again, which is nice after the dearth of events while everyone hibernates after the Christmas and new year holiday season.  It’s time to start living again. If my phone is to be believed, the last several months have mostly been spent taking pictures of Bruce with a selfie every few weeks just to prove I still exist. Also, the odd vintage fair, pub lunch,  and doggy play group. But it will be nice to start doing more, soon. So much more! Fare thee well winter. No one will miss you.

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Brighton has a dog cafe

Turns out Brighton has a dog cafe now with the best name ever-Chubby Chops Cafe. Chubby freakin chops cafe, how cute is that?! And the resident dogs there are named George and Bonnie and they are grumpy faced and adorable and make weird noises with their smashed faces when they get excited. Bruce was his usual anti-social self, but the trio had a good time together regardless.

It all reminded me of the Dog Cafe Jon and I went to in Seoul when we first started dating. There were a lot more dogs there-I hope Chubby Chops grows too, because I am so down for a truly dog friendly place that isn’t a pub. Not that I don’t love pubs, but it’s a lot easier when the furry ones can run around and play and skid around and you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally letting them outside.

I had a pink lemonade (they say it’s homemade and if it is, well done them), Jon had a berry smoothie and some cake because that son of a b is always eating cake, and it was all good. Solid Sunday afternoon with some dogs, and we shall definitely return. If you have a dog and live in/around Brighton, you should go too-the staff are really super nice, and at least half the people there didn’t have dogs, so it’s no big deal if you don’t have any pups. They are in the Lanes, right by that weird mermaid fountain!

Oh, and the other best part of last weekend? (obviously the dog cafe was the main best part) Seeing a working Dalek outside the Mini Maker Faire at the Dome. Well, not working working, it didn’t incinerate anyone. But it said “exterminate!” a lot and chased kids around of its own volition, so that was pretty great. daleks in brighton

And last thing-Jon was struck down with a change of seasons cold at the end of last week, as you get, so while I worked from home on Friday he drugged himself up and slept on the couch next to me, and this was my view.

Doctor Bruce, always on call.


a year with Bruce

It’s no secret that I am obsessed and delighted by my dog. The internet tells no lies! Bruce is, without a doubt, one of, if not the very best thing in my life. Sorry husband and family and friends (or, I say sorry, but I know at least Jon feels the same, so I take it back as far as he is concerned).

We brought Bruce home from Raystede Sanctuary one year ago today. I don’t know what we’d do without him, but I love love love that furry little man with his cute face and weird noises. Happy birthday Bruce Bruce. You light up my life.

dipping a toe in the sea

Up until two days ago I’d never actually bothered to step foot into the English Channel. The sea is cold and scary, and England just doesn’t get hot enough to warrant  taking a dip, even when it’s hot enough to lay on the beach in a bikini, getting your tan on. Or at least, it didn’t use to warrant worrying about. But what with last summer being pretty amazing on the weather scale (an anomaly!), and this summer already shaping up to take the same path….well, let’s just say I might be taking a swim sooner rather than later. Or at the very least, learning to paddle board. My dream!

Anyway, on Sunday Jon and I took advantage of the sunshine and heat and went for a long walk along the beach/sea front. It was much hotter than I’d expected-even the idea of going outside in just shorts and a t-shirt is still sort of novel for me, here, since even the nicest of summer days have chilly breezes. So I have a tendency to either over dress because I assume the worst, or under dress because I’m willing the weather gods to make it nicer out. In this case, a tank top rather than a t-shirt would have prevented the awkward sunburn that I eventually got on just the left side of my neck. Oops. Also, and on a completely barely connected note, we need to buy a beach hut! They sit vacant for so much of the year, but when the sun comes out I am ultra jealous of the people whipping out their bathing suits and sitting in cool chairs in front of their huts, drinking beers, listening to music, bbqing with all their friends….dreamy summer stuff right there.

But anyway, we walked, and Bruce was sweating his little furry butt off, and after reaching the halfway point (which is where we stopped for ice cream, along with every other dog owner in a five mile radius) we hung out on the beach for a bit.  Jon went for a little swim, and also dropped Bruce in the sea for the first time, which was very adorable. Turns out Bruce loves water like ponds, rivers, etc, but does NOT enjoy waves on the beach. Lesson learned! Then I followed suit and went in-just up until mid thigh height or so, no actual swimming, and we slowly started the journey back home. It was….hard to walk with all the rocks, ha. But there are sandy parts in there that I didn’t even know about! We could have been in Florida or something, my stupid Ohio brain would have had a hard time telling the difference.

If you’d like to see Bruce’s first sea/ocean/big water experience….here ya go. He’s a cute cute cute little dude. And there is still a lot of sand in our house, thanks to that massive furball.

May bank holiday weekend (number two)

The long bank holiday weekend ended not with a bang, but with a slightly hungover and self-loathing filled whimper on the big couch. Oops.  The weather was terrible yesterday, so Jon and I laid around all day anyway-no big loss, as there was no sunshine to be missing out on. There was a lot of Netflix and being horizontal.

But the weekend! That part was good! Hanging out with friends, a fry up at one of our favorite brunch places on Saturday, book reading and naps and a curry and a cider in the sunshine when the clouds parted for a brief moment. All those good things, with the glory of an extra day off of work lying just ahead. And we even added a slight level of organization to the guest room, and hung some shelves. Impressive.

Now the week’s just begun but already seems half over. I need a hair cut and a fresh start, and I’m going for it now. Summer’s nearly here and I want more than this. But maybe I’m just saying that because the sun’s disappeared again, and wearing a coat, sweater, and jeans when it’s almost June really bums me out.

Easter in Lindfield

Today we spent Easter with Jon’s family, having a nice lunch, drinking some vino and listening to Jon’s grandpa give everyone advice on every part of their life, as he does. Old people, amirite? He’ll be 90 in July, so….you can’t really be mad about that, he’s earned his grumpitude. Our nephew, who will turn one in just a month, was there as well, chasing the three dogs around and being generally adorable, as one is before they are able to walk around. It rained torrentially and was mostly miserable until the moment we left to get the train, at which time it turned beautiful and the sun came out to say hello (to “put his hat on”, as the English say) while we made our way back to Shoreham!

With Jon’s family I never want to take many pictures that include them, as I’m not trying to be a photo creeper (and things end up on the internet anyway, which not everyone loves, I’m sure), and that moral dilemma leads to the photographic evidence of these gatherings actually just looking like Jon and I hanging out in a different place. But so it goes.

We had spent the night with the in-laws on Saturday, which was strange and constituted our first overnight visit to Lindfield since we’ve moved out-we had to stay in the guest room! And our old room, which is not the guest room, is still mostly empty, with a few random boxes in it, just waiting to be redecorated. Things are so different now, a short two months or so later. Bruce was really weirded out since he hasn’t been back to Lindfield for an overnighter since we moved out, and he just didn’t know where to go.

bruce and his tongue

spuddy cuddles

I had the chance to get some Spud cuddles in and wear a face of fresh, delightfully springy makeup, which was a fun change of pace. Take that rain! And say hello to my electric toothbrush looming in the background-my oral hygiene has really stepped it up in the last year or so, in case you were wondering 🙂

easter selfie

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