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Jack and Jill and a walk on the South Downs

On Saturday, after getting up early and spending all morning scurrying around various record stores in Brighton for Record Store Day, Jon and I took Maxi and Spud on a search for a nice pub with a good garden so we could get some lunch and enjoy the sunshine. We left Brighton and headed out of town to the the Jack and Jill Inn in Clayton, which Jon thought his parents had said was tasty, but turned out they hadn’t exactly enjoyed it?-but anyway, we ate there and I had venison and Jon had lamb and the dogs dozed in the sunny garden and it was pretty perfect.

At the very top of that picture, at the top of the hill, you can see a little windmill. Two windmills if you squint! And that’s Jack and his life partner, Jill Windmill, and up to their lofty perch is where we headed after our lunch.

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