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Tenerife {part two} El Teide, our volcano adventure.

Volcanoes, man. Nature is wild.

el teide

El Teide is the highest volcano in Spain, and the third highest in the world, so I was pretty keen to check it out and take a break from the lazy boozing Lindsey and I had been doing up until that point! It’s intensely scary getting up there-being in a small bus on narrow mountain roads with plenty of hairpin turns (sometimes having to do 3 point turns just to get around a road that virtually turns back on itself) for a few hours was enough to make anyone feel sick. Fortunately, closer to the peak it sort of flattens out, which I found interesting (I’m not expert in volcanic topography, as you can see). From there, you have the opportunity to take a cable car up to the very tippity-top, but Lindsey and I were both feeling a little queasy by that point and were more than happy to stay where we were. I don’t think we missed out on much, really!

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Tenerife {part one}

Alright, so a little primer is in order!

If you’re English, you probably think of Tenerife as a place to get (very) drunk in the sunshine or as a common place one gets asked to go to for stag/hen parties (also known as bachelor/bachelorette parties in the States-in the UK people really go all out for them!). It’s kind of like the English version of going to Myrtle Beach or Orlando or something, as far as I can tell. But, not being English, I really didn’t know where Tenerife was in the first place, and therefore I wasn’t scared off by all the weird stories people told me about getting far too drunk and sunburnt. Instead, I was fully intrigued by the reasonably-priced promise of heat, sun and a cool volcano to explore. Not to mention with Lindsey leaving Ohio’s gorgeous early summer weather to come hang in the UK, and there being no way that England would even come close to being as nice weather-wise, I thought it’d be ideal to be able to promise us a whole week of sunshine, even if not in England. Travelling is always fun, right?

tenerife las piramides


(very picture heavy post, not surprisingly!)

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Tenerife in a billion instagram pictures

Yesterday Lindsey and I returned from our week long sojourn to the Canarian Island of Tenerife. It was hot, sunny, relaxing and even included an adventure or two (volcanoes, hidden secret villages, wine tasting in tiny vineyards, stuff like that).

tenerife instagrams1

I instagrammed my way through most of it….

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