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2017 year in review

I began blogging regularly in this space in 2009, but 2017 was definitely the year that I wrote the least here. This was due to a lot of things, but generally just dealing with the emotional fallout of a year that included Brexit and Trump’s election meant that writing about my life just seemed completely uninteresting to me like….98% of the time. However, I do love a review, and in the hopes of having a fruitful and satisfying and protest-y 2018, I wanted to take the time to do my annual reflections, travel-wise!

January – This was the month we headed back to the States for the wedding of one of my best friends in the world. I did a reading and didn’t weep my way through it! And I saw lots of my other favourites too! Sadly, there was no snow. And we flew out as Trump’s inauguration was in full swing….blech.

ohio short north mural

Also, we came home in time for some fantastic protesting.


February –

We went to Kew Gardens for the first time (it’s so lovely!) And also please look at how Jon’s beard looked on his birthday. Wow. Love it.

kew gardens orchid exhibition london

March – Another quiet month, all the way up until we got into a car accident, which really put a damper on the next oh….six months or so.

shoreham river adur

April – Tattoos and ramen and our second wedding of the year! Most importantly, I met a baby owl.

bone daddies soho

May – Jon and I explored Cissbury Ring for the first time and saw wild ponies, among other more adorable creatures. And we also spent some time rambling on the Seven Sisters and Birling Gap.

June – pubs and bikes and actual glorious weather IN ENGLAND, how crazy is that?! Lindfield’s Village Day was a big hit, as usual, and we spent a lot of time in the sun, even swimming in the sea a few times. Then of course things took a turn and it was freezing cold when we went for a film screening at Lewes Castle at the end of the month. Still stunning though.

July – My lady love and her boyfriend came to stay with us for a few days before we all headed to Paris together!

August – Another wedding, and a fancy one at that, on one of the hottest days of the year! Plus a few family bbqs to make the most of the sunny days.

September – Lots of great music in September. We went up to London to see Sigur Ros with friends (then had afternoon tea the next day), and then saw Lorde in Brighton. Unfortunately, this is when Bruce also started to get sick as well, starting a horrible rollercoaster of events surrounding whether or not he would live or die. In the interim, there were more nature walks, when he could handle it.

October – October sucked. Bruce had a very serious surgery and there was a very strong chance he was going to die, and the recovery from the surgery was really really stressful. But he did pull through! I had a birthday which, considering the circumstances, was fine. And Jon was gone for a lot of the month, in the States on a business trip.

November – My dad was here! He made his first visit abroad; got a passport and everything. We went to Cornwall, we went to London, we went everywhere. It was delightful. Then my friend Joe came for a quick visit around Thanksgiving. Also I got bangs. What a month!

December – The year wound down with lots of parties and lots of work, and then a huge surprise from Jon when he whisked us away to New York City to spend Christmas Day there with my mom. I was completely shocked, obviously. Then back home for a quiet New Year’s Eve.

And that’s that! Here’s to more exploration in 2018 – I didn’t see nearly enough of the world this year. And here’s hoping the world is a little less miserable than it has been, too. We can always hope.

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Au revoir, 2013!

This year was head and shoulders better than last year. It started out fairly rough-Jon was in the middle of serious bout of sickness that wouldn’t be under control for a few more months, and we were about to move back in with the in-laws (sorry in-laws, I know you feel the same!). But it turned into a really good year, in the grand scheme of things. I’m not sure where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing this time next year, but it’s always good to take stock and review the good and the bad. But this is a blog, so let’s just review the good and/or benign, and I’ll leave the bad for something a bit more private, eh? Yay internet! So here are a few memorable bits of the year.

January-We moved back to Lindfield, and it snowed!

snow in lindfield

snow lindfield

February-We celebrated Jon’s birthday, and settled into life back in this tiny village. Jon slowly got healthier, and I made a surprise visit back to Ohio! I also met my nephew (my sister’s son) for the first time. He was tiny, and he’s not so tiny now.


ohio surprise visit 2013

March-The terrible winter seemed to continue with an unprecedented snowstorm that somewhat marred a trip to a very fabulous wedding we attended in Surrey. It was still fabulous, just colder. And we took pictures drinking champagne in the snow!

surrey wedding 2013 march

April-We went to Street Diner for the first time, and it stopped being cold and terrible outside all the time, so we took some good walks on the Downs! Also Penny and Dave came down for a visit and we sat at a pub and took weird pictures. I wish those two lived closer.

jack and jill south downs

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