Newsflash: I am not in Korea.

South Korea

Hey hey hey from the rainy and slightly depressing South San Francisco Comfort Inn and Suites, where I have a comped room for the evening. Why Ashley, aren’t you supposed to be more than halfway to Korea by now? Why yes, yes I am. But here I sit, due to the fact that my plane from Denver to San Francisco arrived over an hour late to the SF airport, touching down approximately 10 minutes after my flight to Seoul departed.  Le sigh. So anyway, since missing the connection was no fault of my own, United Airlines gave me a free room and a $15 food voucher to use at the airport. Which I used to buy lo mein noodles. Which I then regretted because, although they are delicious, I am moving to Asia and why did I not just buy some super-American type food? Or cheesecake. Cheesecake would have been a fine choice, and I do love it.  So yes, in other news, a special shout out goes to my Dad (what up pops!) for talking me down and listening to me throw some serious F-bombs after I got off the plane and frantically scrambled around the entirety of the very spacious airport and looked for any real person to talk to who could help me figure out my change of plans. I was an angry little hen, let me tell you. A lot of that anger stemming from the fact that a driver is coming to pick me up from my school in Seoul. If I arrive in Seoul and there is no driver for me, I am officially and quite figuratively screwed, since I don’t speak Korean and am not actually going to be living in Seoul. So I need the driver! And the driver has to know when I’m getting off a plane!

In conclusion, things could have been worse. I have taken advantage of the free internet here at the Comfort Inn. I will be taking a hot shower after I go crank out my aggression with some yoga in my room. And I get a break from the 20+ hours of my full journey from Cbus to Seoul.  I am feeling optimistic. Or rather, I am feeling willing to become optimistic.  Oh, and I got to speak to some of my lovelies even more than I had planned, which is obviously a beautiful bonus to this whole situation. Alright kids, I’m off. A folded down fluffy bed and some free cable awaits. Next time you hear from me I will be smack dab in the middle of South Korea, I promise! Send good thoughts my way for this flight tomorrow. Peace.

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