Sunday mornin’ coming down.

South Korea

So today I’m taking it easy and laying about the apartment. I’m feeling a bit worn down and I reaaaaally don’t want to get sick here-taking a sick day would mean having to go to the hospital, and I only have 3 sick days in my contract anyway, so now is way too early for that business. Thus, here I sit, watching Project Runway Korea (awesome!), drinking tea, doing laundry, and basically willing my body to not contradict me. Marisa has taken a bus with Colin and Jenn to Costco-I was going to go, but decied there was nothing I wanted that badly. Costco here is apparently just like the U.S.-really big, lots of value packs of food, but they also sell things that you can’t really find in other Korean stores, ie, Western food. Jenn and Colin like to buy their ketchup and oatmeal there. I personally just want some mustard and rolled oats, if it can be found, (brown sugar oatmeal for breakfast-the best!) so I passed on some money to Marisa and will otherwise make the trip at another time.

Yesterday, Marisa and I had an early morning appointment with Mr. Yoo, our school director, to go to the hospital in Seoul for our physicals. They were quite thorough indeed-blood test, urine test, height, weight, lung x-ray,blood pressure, eye exam, hearing exam, and uh, they also measurued my bust. Not quite sure what that one’s for, but like I said, they were thorough. So now that’s out of the way, and hopefully everything comes back as it’s supposed to. I mean, wouldn’t it be horrible if something was wrong? Like, “Well Ashley, we see that you have aids/lung cancer/hepatitis, so you can’t stay in korea. Go home and thanks for visiting! Oh, and good luck with your terminal illness!” But I’m sure everything is fine, ha.

When Mr. Yoo dropped us off at home, we saw another market had been set up on the street opposite our apartment, so even though it was quite chilly we decided to check it out. Score! There was tons of great stuff. I’ve already fallen in love with the market that sets up every Friday on the other side of my place, but this one seemed even better, with more stands. There was produce, priced fabulously, so I picked up a giant bunch of bananas and some delicious looking strawberries; the price came to only 5,000 won-less than 5 US dollars! Marisa and I then spotted the dvd stand, selling bootleg copies of all sorts of movies-I bought The Addams Family and Love Actually for 7 dollars altogether, she bought The Notebook and Twilight. They’re great quality, in English and have Korean subtitles. And I know we only bought some older movies, but they had new ones too-new as in, still in the theater in the States, and definetly not released on dvd yet. Then I bought a corndog for 1 dollar, and we ate some fried sweet potato things, and I tried this curvy batter on a stick thing, which someone later told me may have been a fish cake-not too delicious in my opinion, but I’m glad I tried it. The market was a big hit in my book-I can’t wait till it gets warmer out and I can spend more time exploring the area. Right now I’m just so busy, and it’s cold, which makes me lazier.  All in all it was a lovely Saturday morning.

I realize that I haven’t written all that much about my school or my classes thus far. I gues I’ll have to do that sometime. You guys let me know if there is anything you have questions about-I’ll take inspiration for future posts from any requests out there among my readership:) Now I’m off-I need more orange juice, or in my case, jeju mandarin. Yummmmy.


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  1. Brown sugar oatmeal rules!!!! They measured your bust? Could I have that doctors name. I need to put him on my list…hit list. You still have the shiv I gave you? Use it dammit!!!je t’aime.

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