Changdeok Gung

South Korea

Well I have to say I’m feeling super emo these days. I think it must be the intense work schedule getting to me. I really cannot wait for this next week and a half to pass, for the new teacher to get here, and for my schedule to get back to normal. Anyway, I digress…wouldn’t want to bore my adoring public with the icky details of my day to day. The weekend though..

So since I’ve been working till after 8 pm on Friday nights, and my weeks are quite busy (I know I said I wouldn’t talk about work, but this is going somewhere, I promise) I’ve spent the past two weekends being a lazy bum and sleeping a lot. Not even going out for drinks-which I think shows how tired I really am, not even happy hour can coax me out and away from my cozy bed. So after another weekend (well, Friday night and all day Saturday) spent lazing about and sleeping copius amounts, I ventured out on Sunday with Gloria, Jenny, Marisa and Frank to Ilsadong, a very traditional area of Seoul. It’s a great place to find lots of great, non-touristy, authentic Korean fare, from food and clothing to handicrafts. I will definetly be returning to the area before I go back to the States to pick up goodies for the fam and friends. We planned on just walking around, but decided to take a guided tour of Changdeok Gung, one of the oldest palaces in Korea. It’s actually known as one of the “Five Grand Palaces” built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty beginning in 1405. It has been attacked and reconstructed various times throughout history, but always maintains the original aesthetic. It’s a beautiful series of structures covering over 100 acres, built directly into the natural landscape. Basically you walk around the woods for the hour and a half tour, looking at incredibly old and amazing buildings that are tucked into corners like they were always meant to be there. Amazing. palace-jaunt-011palace-jaunt-019


The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden


After the tour Gloria showed us one of the three biggest bookstores in Seoul. You KNOW I love a bookstore. They had a very respectable English language section, and I picked up a few books. I also bought a children’s workbook for learning Korean. (It’s called “Yes! You Can Learn Korean!” It is written for small children and includes the alphabet song and exercises like circling the symbol that matches the first sound in dog. It’s what I do with my Korean kids. Hopefully it is correct, and I can truly learn Korean) And last, but not least, I bought the newest American issue of Elle, for the whopping price of 12,00 won-roughly $9USD. Totally worth it though. The day concluded with another lovely ride on the subway, then the bus, then falling asleep. Next weekend I think we’re going to the Cherry Blossom Festival. They should finally be in bloom by then-it’s been unseasonably chilly around here, so they’re a little late. I’m excited!

Last but not least-this is my new niece.   🙂  Isn’t she a doll?ryleigh-again

5 thoughts on “Changdeok Gung”

  1. I heard that kid can run the hundred in 10.3 and than go to the sidelines and cheer for itself. Talent had to come from faternal grandparent. I’m not a relative, just someone reading this blog. Je t’aime.
    not yodaddy or grandfather(also known as G-dad)

  2. hey dad, you dumb ass, its MATERNAL, not faternal…..and you wish. she looks like shane. not you…thank god!! oh and she isn’t calling you g-dad, that is a super sucky name

  3. Hey Ashley!!!
    Just talked to your dad a little while ago! He gave me this site to check out….PRETTY KEWL!!! I can’t remember the last time I seen you in person! Hopefully May 2nd I will meet your new niece in person!!! Jolene and I are flying into Columbus Friday and will be at Apple Valley for a week for vacation. I have invited all the friends and family that care to stop by down Saturday for a cook out.

    From what I see hereit looks like you are having a wonderful time and are making a heck of a mark on the world!!! You GO girl!! Keep up the good work and fun!!

    Love Ya!!

    1. Uncle Chip! Oh my gosh, it’s so good to here from you! I’m jealous that you get to see little Ryleigh before I do, but I guess that’s my fault for moving to Asia:) I miss you and love you! And thank you for reading this!

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