bedbed boy

South Korea


Several students spent the majority of today’s lunch time running around the school, sharing a massive pair of Kanye-like sunglasses, and singing this song by Rain. Anyone of you out there who watches The Colbert Report has no doubt heard of Rain, a huge star here similar to someone like Usher in the States.  He sings/raps, dances, looks cute, etc. But the chorus to this song “Bad boy/I gotta be a bad bad boy” doesn’t sound nearly as sexual when it’s being sung by 6 year olds. Not to mention, it sounds more like “bedbed boy” when Rain says it.

Jessie Teacher, the head teacher at Big RT, caught me off guard this afternoon with a compliment about how she likes my voice. According to her, it’s very attractive. I laughed out loud because she followed this comment by saying that I sound just like her, except she has a cold,  yet I sound like that all the time.  Which is true, and maybe a little sad. I used to have such a normal voice!

The new teacher arrives tonight at 9. This means that my days of overtime are nearly over! I will train him tomorrow and Monday, and then my services will no longer be needed. No more 12 hour days! I can hardly wait. What will I do with all that time? Anything. I. Want.

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