Seoul World DJ Fest: Rockin out, Asian style.

South Korea

The World DJ Festival was this weekend in Seoul, an event that I’ve been looking forward to with much anticipation since I first heard about it from Christina and Ian (the Canadians that I replaced, and who’s old apartment I live in). It was an incredibly fun day, right on par with what I was looking for out of an outdoor music fest! The festival itself was actually a two day affair, with day 1’s performances going from 2pm Saturday until 6 am.  Sunday, day 2, was the “after party”. Everyone I knew just went for Saturday’s events and it was a great turnout. It was the first time that I had seen such a huge crowd of foreigners in any one place, but this fest really turned it out. I would say the ratio of wagooks (foreigners) to Koreans was maaaaybe 50/50. Everyone was in the best mood, and it completely reminded me of my various experiences with Boomer at my favorite U.S. music festival, Bonnaroo-shoutout to Boom train! The weather was gorgeous, and the festival was set up right along the Hangang River. It was a perfect day. And there was so much grass! Grass for sitting on, dancing on, walking barefoot on….my shoes came off within minutes of arrival and did not reappear except for trips to the restroom (I’m not comfortable enough for that dirty business). The concessions consisted of ramen noodle bowls for 2 bucks, hot dogs for 3, and pizza for 5. Cheese pizza! No potato, no squid, no cinnamon/sugar sauce. Plain, delicious cheese pizza. Cheap beer was plentiful at only 3,000 won a glass. I was absolutely blown over by the fact that food and drink wasn’t at all overpriced-after all, isn’t half the cost of going to a concert spent on paying too much for cheap food and crap beer? A pleasant surprise indeed.

I spent nearly all of our hours at the festival dancing and grooving my face off, moving back and forth between the two stages.  It was fantastic, and I made many a dancing Korean friend-particularly at the techno stage.  All in all a wonderful weekend event, and while I can’t attend Bonnaroo in the States this year, I at least got to experience the Korean version on a smaller scale. I’ll be keeping my eye out for any more summer festivals coming this way!


An impromptu parade
An impromptu parade


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