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Children 002Jjang for lunch is a messy business.

Children 005Children 006Good thing it’s delicious!

Teacher’s Day was on Friday. While it’s not a day off of school, it is a day filled with many gifts for teachers. Too many gifts! I was showered with a lot of amazing presents from my kids (honestly, their parents) and I feel really lucky. Chanel lipgloss, a gold-plated lipstick that looks more fit for a museum exhibit than my purse, a hand-painted leather wallet, a homemade keychain, a silver and diamond Disney keychain, spa candles and incense, expensive tea-wow. The pros of working at a hogwan for the children of rich Koreans are really becoming apparent. On the non-material end of things, the kids were fantastic. They made me a giant card filled with declarations of love and pictures. I teared up a little. It was a lovely day.

My swag from Teacher's Day
My swag from Teacher's Day

But this is why I really love my job.

From Betty
From Betty

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  1. let me start off by sayin, why don’t you hook a sister up with some swag! after all i did just have a baby, i deserve it! also i just put some new, oh so adorable pictures of my gorgeous baby girl on my myspace. check them bitches out! love ya!

    1. i looked at the pictures-soooo cute. and you will get plenty of gifts upon my return, so suck it up little mama:)

  2. That was really nice of the students (your kids) to get you all of the wonderful stuff! Sounds really nice! Make sure you bring it all home with ya!! I might like a little something myself ha ha!! Well have a great week!!

  3. So now you see why I am a teacher, although I don’t recall all the nice swag in my days at C-town. I am enjoying reading of your adventures, it reminds me of some of mine when I first started.

    1. Mr. Swift! Oh my goodness, I haven’t heard from you in ages. I hope all is well, and I’m glad you’ve had the chance to check out my blog 🙂

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