A nice slow weekend

South Korea

Hello again out there.  While I have nothing of utmost importance (or particularly exciting interest) to write about, I thought I’d take advantage of my lazy Saturday to post and let all my loved ones know that I’m still alive.  Anyong!

The time has been passing incredibly quickly here in Korea. Yesterday marked my three-month anniversary in the country and I can hardly believe it.  I feel like everytime I go somewhere new, and especially different countries,  the time passes in a flash and yet it has really blown my mind how fast my days and weeks are progressing. Working at the school around 50+ hours a week, weekends spent exploring or just enjoying drinks and the ever-popular karaoke with friends, and even the occasional day spent at home, doing laundry and playing on the internet-it’s all gone by in a blink. I’m looking forward to a Namyangju summer. Although I’m hoping that season won’t pass by as quickly as the springtime has. I’m in no hurry for a dreary fall and winter. How can it be winter with no snow? But I digress…

The most exciting event to happen in my life this past week was a trip to an eyeglass shop for some new specs and contact lenses. Because the shop is owned by the parents of two of our RT students, I was given a discount. Score! With the cheap prices anyway, plus discount, I decided to buy two new frames and a three months supply of contacts.  All of this merchandise came to the whopping price of…wait for it…161,000 won. So, about $139 U.S. This included an eye exam at the shop. I really love Korea sometimes. So logical in terms of health care services.  The most difficult part of the whole transaction was the eye exam. While I tried to explain to Ethan and Nathan’s very sweet mother that I had contacts in my eyes, she didn’t seem to understand and did all the tests with my lenses in anyway, leading her to tell me that my left eye was perfect. I then spent about 5 minutes pointing to the numbers on the side of boxes of Acuvue lenses, attempting to explain that my eyes are very bad and I can barely see. Finally, she said  “test, again” and upon sitting down in front of the machinery again, I made one final effort to illustrate the fact that I had contacts in, and wanted to take them out before the test. Eventually, she jumped a little and said “Oh! In!” Problem solved.  She provided me with a contact case, I took out my lenses, we did the test again, and moved forward. Success.  Here’s a picture of me in one of the new frames-sassy and red. I look less than stellar as I just took this photo on my webcam as I’m typing but hey, if you read this, you probably already love me and/or have seen my generally pretty face.

New specs. Fo cheap.
New specs. Fo cheap.

So that’s the excitement kids. I will be joining Marisa, Jenn, and Colin this evening for a rousing session of euchre. We (meaning Jenn, Colin and I) taught Marisa how to play only last weekend, so we’re starting a new tradition. I’m trying to take the drinking escapades down a notch-no need to become a drunken expat stereotype. The enjoyment of my quiet weekend will continue tomorrow with lunch in Gangnam with my friend Yuna, who coincidentally enough, lives in a town only 25 minutes or so from mine. Yuna was my English conversation partner through a group that I volunteered with when I was at Ohio State. Small world indeed.

I do miss the long Memorial Day weekend in America. I would love an extra day off right now! Unfortunately the Koreans don’t seem to roll that way. Oh well. Next Thursday marks another Reading Town field trip with the youngsters, this time to Seoul Land! I’m exciting and am sincerely hoping for a turn in the weather. Seoul Land is apparently a pretty fantastic amusement park, full of rides and other amusing things.  Be sure to tune in at a later date for a post on that one. I’m off to eat a corn dog and buy pirated dvd’s at the Saturday market outside. Peace out everyone!

4 thoughts on “A nice slow weekend”

  1. Well Miss Ashley I love the glasses!!!!!! And from what I can tell you look lovely in them!! lol You really should be a writer you know? You surely can tell stories that make you feel like you are their with you I find that very interesting!!!!!!!! I will keep reading!! I love and miss you very much!! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, Aunt Julie, I agree. She does a very good job of making us like feel like we’re there with her. I’m glad I’m not though, because she smells. Haha, Jk, Ash! I only read that you do, in the bathroon at Gaswerks. 😀 Love ya!

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