Rowdy Birthday Festivities

South Korea

Frank’s birthday party at our place was a rollicking success. I had no idea that so many people could fit in our apartment, but by golly we fit a lot! Drinks were had, new friends were made, and much dancing was enjoyed (particularly by myself and Marisa). Around midnight I kicked everyone out and we headed to a local establishment to avoid being a nuisance to the neighbors.  Many people made a full night of it, and I wound my way back home as the sun came up. Oh, and I enjoyed a little mondoo (dumpling) soup for breakfast on the way home. A good night indeed. Several teachers from RT joined us for the festivities, and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with so many foreigners. Lina was particularly excited, and so happy to be at our apartment! I think a good time was had and I received many rave reviews. Not to mention how many people are jealous of our fabulous abode-seriously, most English teachers live in miniscule apartments. Marisa and I are incredibly lucky to live in such a nice space.

Frank's Bday party 018

See the excitement in Lina's face?
See the excitement in Lina's face?

Frank's Bday party 019Frank's Bday party 037Frank's Bday party 024Frank's Bday party 016Frank's Bday party 031Frank's Bday party 026Frank's Bday party 017icingblowin out the candles

Sunday was a write off day, of course. I spent the day alternately napping and cleaning. This week holds  a new event at our school in the form of “open classes” on Thursday and Friday, where the students’ parents come and observe classes, in the actual classroom. While this completely changes the dynamic of the class, I’m hoping all goes well and that my kids still participate. It’s a bit of a nerve-wracking event, with lots of pressure coming from the big boss, so I can’t wait for it to be over.  Wish me luck!

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