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Listening to Bright Eyes, especially the old albums,-choices of late including “Fevers and Mirrors” and “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning”- always make me feel incredibly nostalgic. The music takes me back to my late high school/early college years. Nothing in particular, just the memories of a younger, slightly less jaded self. Spending a full Saturday isolated in my room, cleaning and reading and listening to tunes and just hanging out by my lonesome, then getting that anxious urge and heading out to meet my friends for dinner and a night out in the city, blending into the chaos and feeling the infinite possibilities of the early evening. But I digress.

I won a radio contest on Tuesday. When Marisa, Jon and I were in Itaewon on Sunday (post-pool, pre-dinner) a youngish Korean women stopped us on the street and asked M and I if we were interested in participating in a live spelling bee hosted by some Canadian fella on a Seoul radio station. We accepted and gave her our information, and we were both contacted on Tuesday afternoon. We competed against each other live on-air, and I beat Marisa by spelling the word theatrical. At her loss, she threatened to punch me in the face, also on-air, which incited some hilarious commentary from Steve the radio dj. Now I am scheduled to participate in the finals tomorrow (I’m hoping they call before I have to teach my afternoon classes), and if I win, I get a certificate to some bar in the city. Exciting, yeah? I’ve been on radio in South Korea, it’s an interesting little fact of my life. Fun story for the kids someday-oh, how I love to spell.

Today we took the kiddies to see Ice Age 3. It did indeed end up being in Korean, not English with Korean subtitles (so we could have a valid teachy-type of excuse for taking the babies to see a cartoon film) but oh well, language lesson be damned! I enjoyed it myself, even though I could only understand 1 out of every 5 words.  And it’s just a load of fun to dominate the audience of a theatre at 10 in the morning with 80 little children. Assuming you have the patience for that kind of thing. Which, today, I did.

Now, for your aural and emotional pleasure…


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