Whence I arise from the ashes!

South Korea

Hello all! This is definitely the longest amount of time I’ve gone between posts. Not that nothing’s happened since the last one, just that shit has gone horribly awry at the old job post. I don’t really want to go into it, as this is the internet-where all things are  public- and I am still employed at my current position. Thank Jesus I’ve got less than 6 months left though. I very nearly quit last week due to some issues with the management/directors. They, as usual and not for the first time, chose the desires of an uninformed and somewhat selfish, but money-paying parent over what was better for the children. The difference this time was that I was left looking like a fool and essentially being thrown under the bus. It was a horrible situation, one that hasn’t fully been resolved but which I’m attempting to deal with, if only for the excessive amount of money that I would be giving up by cutting out of my contract halfway in.  The end. Trying to stay incredibly positive and enjoy everything that is good about my life in Korea. Finding that silver lining people!

I’ll be getting back into this bloggin business soon. I’ve got a short story I wrote awhile back (but since I got here) that I’m going to put up, so you can all read it and judge me silently. But for your enjoyment-here is the “teacher photo” I found of myself that is posted on the Reading Town website. Could I possibly look any whiter? (In my defense, the photo was taken in March, I believe).  Not to mention the position of the hallway is giving me vertigo. Laugh and enjoy my friends.

Do you want me to teach your children? Obviously, yes.
Do you want me to teach your children? Obviously, yes.

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  1. one, im gonna need a personal email about that shit you speak of. two i wanna see the damn pictures you have of my gorgeous baby girl. three said gorgeous baby is almost crawling and is now on stage one gerber food, tear. and finally ima need your address as we are getting family pics/ryleighs 6 month pics taken in a couple weeks and i will be sending some to you. im still fat, but im tanning, and we all know that fat looks better tan so eat it up! love ya!

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