City exploration and duck boats galore

South Korea

I had a nice, relatively chill weekend this past Friday through Sunday, and I have to say it was the best in a while.  Friday night Marisa and I hosted yet another ladies’ night-I love those nights! They always entail a group of 6 or more foreign lady teachers getting together, sitting around our living room on the floor, eating lots of food and having a few drinks. Basking in all that estrogen is just a wonderful way to spend an evening. We managed to find our way to the newest nuraebang in town and serenaded one another for several hours. The new place has a huge room for big groups like ours, I was really impressed! Unfortunately, it scores really low for everyone, so we were incredibly disappointed with our abnormally low scores. I did get a 91 for my joint rendition (with Ben McK, who showed up when the fellas joined us) of Paramore’s “Misery Business”. A little pop punk to get the high score baby!

Saturday Marisa and I spent a long day shopping in Myeongdong. We made many good purchases-I walked away with three pairs of new shoes and some lovely autumnal gear….Korea has not been good for my materialistic side. I think I’m up to 16 pairs of shoes purchased thus far in this country. Now I’m on a shopping time out.  At least until next month. But maybe longer. At least the goods are cheap here friends, or I’d be in the poorhouse.

Sunday Jon and I made the trek across Seoul to the 63 Building, which is the tallest building in Korea. I wanted to take him to the aquarium to check out the assortment of creepily large sea creatures. The otters were incredibly adorable, as always, and the crabs were huge and terrible, also as per usual. Post-aquarium, we paid the fee and spent an hour riding “duck boats” (swan-shaped paddle boats, as we Americans would dub them) and watching/laughing at the watery gathering of other Korean families/couples enjoying their 60 minutes of duck boating glory. Eventually we made our way back to Pyeongnae. I slept most of the way home on the subway, then called it an early night when I got home. After my weekly chat with Papa Sheets, of course. Yo yo yo Dad!

Here are some pictures from Jon’s amazing camera. Also, he’s good at taking pictures.  I still have sand in my lense from my trip to the beach at Busan a few weeks ago. Working on getting that fixed asap.

The 63 Building: the tallest building in Korea.
The 63 Building: the tallest building in Korea.

otter at sea world

An obviously bored lizard.
An obviously bored lizard.
I actually took this one! Isn't this puppy so cute?
I actually took this one! Isn't this puppy so cute?

On a side note, guess whose birthday is in less than three weeks? Mine! I’ll be celebrating the quarter-century mark. Get pumped, get excited, and get your presents in the mail folks.  And/or your letters of love and adoration. I’ll be waiting!

2 thoughts on “City exploration and duck boats galore”

  1. Ya well don’t get to excited my birthday was SEPTEMBER 4TH and do you think anyone but a few remembered!! No happy birthday or nothing makes you feel sooooooo special!! So happy birthday early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya

    1. Aunt Julie-I love you too! And thanks for the bday wishes:) I send extra ones to you, even though it’s late now. I’m pretty sure I wrote on your fb wall or something!

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