Chillin with puppies

South Korea

After spending several hours Saturday afternoon wandering around Hongdae (an area I haven’t seen nearly enough of in the daytime) I spent the better part of the eveningĀ  at a little cafe in the area called Bau Haus, where the main appeal is the opportunity to frolick and play with the owner’s 15ish dogs. Customers can also bring in their own pups, and one can buy a drink or two (coffee, beer, pop, etc) and just relax with the little doggies and ooo/ahhh to your heart’s content. I was in heaven. I need to get a dog NOW. It’s reason enough by itself to settle down somewhere-very hard to justify getting a pet when I keep leaving the homeland. Hopefully I’ll visit the Dog Cafe again soon-it’s a lovely way to spend a few hours on the weekend.

dog cafe

How tiny and cute is this little baby?
How tiny and cute is this little baby?

puppy soldiers

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