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From the listening workbook that I teach to 8-11 year olds on Wednesday afternoons. This was part of their homework-it’s on a cd, they listen and fill in the blanks. I’ve filled in the blanks for you, dear readers, because they are not the important quirk of this little story. The unit we’re currently on is Weather.  This is what they listened to:

Amy likes cold weather. Today, it is so cold that Amy can see her breath. The winter is her favorite time of year. She likes to wear her big, warm jacket and gloves. This morning Amy and her friends made a snowman. But most of all, she likes to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken when it’s cold. The warm chicken makes her feel warm too.

What the fuck? Is KFC somehow bankrolling “Start Listening” workbooks for kids in Korea? This just weirded me out. Strange indeed. And maybe also somehow a case of copyright infringment. Or brainwashing/superb marketing by KFC for their Korean business.

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