Swine Flu comes to Reading Town

South Korea

And my two cents are as follows:

As we have now had four diagnosed cases of the dreaded H1N1 confirmed at Reading Town, things are really working themselves up to a fever pitch. Dozens of cases have been reported at multiple schools in the Hopyeong/Pyeongnae area and as of today 4 other schools have been closed down. Since our genius(?) director seems to think that none of this is a big deal, she has decided that instead of closing we will all wear surgical masks (which, by the way, has been proved to have no effect on the spread of influenza).  I guess I should state now that I’m not a huge believer in this whole swine flu thing-that meaning I don’t think it’s the new version of the black plague, or even that all that many more people are dying from it then any other year’s flu. That being said, I am throughly annoyed by the blatant two-faced actions of my boss, as she once again talks about how much she cares for the health of the children, while denying the most logical actions to protect their health. An action which has already been taken by a number of other schools in our town.

So far there have been 15,000 confirmed cases of swine flu in South Korea, with the number of deaths being reported somewhere between 11 and 25 (read more here and here). This isn’t good, of course, but it’s not like people are dropping left and right, gasping their final breaths on the streets of Seoul. Everyone just needs to keep their heads on straight, take the proper precautions, and not overact. This being my humble opinion, that is all.  At least if this keeps up maybe we will also have a couple of days off. Which would be, um, super sweet. Oh yeah, and I’ve been told to buy my own mask now to wear to school everyday.  So that will be fun.

face mask
Lucky for us we look good in face masks!

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