Cocktails and shoes dominate my weekend

South Korea

My weekend was jam-packed with all sorts of fun times and birthday celebrations. Friday was a nice quiet dinner of galmaegi-sal (porkyporkpork, served with grass!) for  Evelyn’s birthday with the ladies, followed by a few drinks (a pitcher of Cass, and a some soju cocktail) at the Hopyeong Suyouki. And of course a cake for the birthday girl! We thought we had been out for hours and hours, until someone looked at a clock and we realized it was only 10:00. I think all were home and sound asleep by midnight. We’re getting so old!


Ev's Bday din (11)
making her wishes


Saturday morning Marisa and I woke up bright and early to meet Lyds at the bus stop and hop on the ol M2104 to Dongdaemun. We joined up with Jess and the four of us checked out a super-cool exhibit that Lydia had read about in some Seoul magazine-not sure which one-but it was all about the history of shoes through the ages. The show was curated by a museum in France, and we caught it on it’s last weekend in Seoul. There were many interesting and some not-so-exciting installations: crazy ballet-type torture heels, tiny examples  of what was used by the Chinese for foot binding in small children (infinitely cringe worthy), twisted wire shoe/sculptures, couture… a little bit of everything. The exhibit itself wasn’t huge, but it was a great way to spend the morning. Plus, the museum (the Sungkok Art Museum) has a beautiful green space behind it, full of gorgeous foliage and various steel creations strewn about. The weather was lovely as well, so I had absolutely no complaints.

Nov 6-8 025

Nov 6-8 039

Nov 6-8 056
Miniscule baby foot binding shoe
Nov 6-8 054
And from the top. Ow ow ow ow ow.

Nov 6-8 060

shoe exhibit (2)
More pain for the sake of beauty. Not saying I wouldn't try to wear it though, fo reals.
shoe exhibit (23)
Fall colors are my favorite.

shoe exhibit (17)

We headed back to Pyeongnae with just enough time to sit for a moment, shower and get ready for a pretty little cocktail party being held in honor of dear Latanya’s day of birth. So many Valentine babies! (wink, wink…you know what I mean). Everyone looked smashing. Cocktails were imbibed, dancing was had, and I believe everyone in attendance spent the better part of Sunday laid up in recovery mode from the good times. I do love a good cocktail party-any excuse to get dressed up. Oh man, and Latanya made this cheese ball that was TO DIE FOR. I also love a good cheese ball with crackers and this…this was a cheeseball. Mmmmmm. Hopefully she will follow through with my instructions and bring a carbon copy to Thanksgiving dinner. Fingers crossed!

lt's party (2)Nov 6-8 042

Nov 6-8 074
Jon isn't what one would call "photogenic" but I will continue to try.
Nov 6-8 084
hellloooo ladies

Nov 6-8 107

Nov 6-8 079

Nov 6-8 093

Nov 6-8 115

Nothing too special about this week. I expect tomorrow to be as busy as today-grade reports for the big kids go out Wednesday, so I’ve been on that today, and will spend several hours finishing up tomorrow. Friday is our Halloween cum Costume party that we didn’t get to have in October, so yay for no teaching and little kids dressed up! I’ve begun running outside again (and by “begun” I mean “I ran outside for the first time today in months and months today”). It was very pleasant-the weather here is pleasingly mild so far, and the fall is just stretching out. Woo! This is part of my plan to try to save even more money-not paying for  a gym membership. I mean, 60 bucks a month is too much if I only go 2 times a week. Really not worth it. So I’m focusing on running outside, and doing yoga and calithenics at our sweet pad. Gotta keep the motivation going though, which I know will be harder as it gets colder. Ah well, I can always go back to the gym.  And for now….adieu, mes amours.

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