Ain’t no party like a costume party

South Korea

First things first, I went to the movies tonight with Marisa and our lovely contingent of Korean co-teachers. We saw The Time Traveler’s Wife, which both M and I have been super pumped to see for awhile now (really, for like, 2 or 3 months. M saw a trailer for it way back when, then she ordered the book to re-read it, then I read it, and basically we’ve been talking about it since then). So anyway, we went to Guri to watch this incredibly sad film. Marisa and I spent literally the entire thing either weeping or holding back tears. I nearly hyperventilated. And my already hungover-induced headache was inflamed exponentially from my efforts to not make drowning/crying noises in the middle of the theater. As we were heading out post-movie, I came to the conclusion that our Korean lady friends are robots. All of them had read the book-except for maybe Gloria? I can’t remember-and only Jenny managed to shed some tears. Lisa even said it wasn’t sad at all. WHAT THE FUCK LISA. That shit was sad.  I needed to have a little me time for crying in a bathroom stall afterward, but unfortunately there wasn’t time for that as we had to go to dinner at some craptastic “Italian” restaurant, where I ordered a cheese pizza that tasted of nothing but was mildly reminiscent of cardboard covered in a gooey cheese-like substance. But doused in Tabasco, I ate it. And it was only 7500 won to begin with and we got 20% off with our movie ticket stub! Woo!

Moving on. My life in Korea is oh-so-quickly coming to a close. As of next Saturday, I’ll have been rocking out the old Pyeongnae-Dong, and my princess abode on top of the mountain,  for 9 months.  I could have had a small Korean child by now! (ohhh how I wish. Don’t tell Jon.) You may expect a thoughtful list of things I still wish to do in Korealand as an upcoming post, including, but not limited to: templestay (as we didn’t get to go this past weekend due to scheduling conflicts), new tattoo (I need ideas!), taking the wine train, going to the top of Namsan Tower, going ice skating at Lotte World….and other things. That I need to think about. And if you have ideas you should tell me.

I have a six day work week this week. I am not happy or excited, but I am very much looking forward to the Thanksgiving dinner that we’ll be hosting here on Saturday night-now moved to 7 pm as to work around our stupid, stupid work day. I will be in charge of mashed potatos and green bean casserole, assuming I can find green beans anywhere. Marisa/Juan will be in charge of the bird, as I know very little about those things, nor do I care. Other people will bring other delicious things.  It’s going to be a wonderful evening (we’re expecting around 20 people thus far!), and I’m looking forward to sharing some thankful time with my loved ones in this far away land, and thinking about my loved ones back in OH.

Friday was Reading Town’s “Costume Party”-a sad effort to recreate the awesomeness that was to be our Halloween Party on Oct 31, which was  cancelled due to swine flu. It was only okay-really just a long, stressful day, where even the babes never got too excited. There were some cute costumes though. Note: all children in Korea dress as either a) a princess or b)spiderman/batman/superman/power ranger/some kind of super hero. The lack of diversity in costumes was kinda boring. But hey, Halloween is an imported western holiday anyway, I can’t really complain. Anyway, for your enjoyment, a couple of photos. And then I’m going to bed, because my head really hurts. Stupid emotions!

Nov 13-14 006
Jessie in arguably the cutest and most original costume of the day. Face mask included!

Nov 13-14 021Nov 13-14 033Nov 13-14 050

Nov 13-14 037
Sarah-she's new and quickly becoming a favorite.
Nov 13-14 047
Happy Costume Party! Er...what?

5 thoughts on “Ain’t no party like a costume party”

  1. oh your loved ones in ohio? WTF? I’m not in ohio, nor is your one and only niece, oh and shane too but im sure that doesn’t matter to you! lol

  2. “In seeking wisdom thou art wise ; in imagining that thou has attained it thou art a fool.”
    -Simon Ben Azzai
    -Second Century Jewish scholar

  3. Before I pass I would love to see my daughters embrace, look in the others eyes, and say to the other, “I’m glad your my sister.” I’m done writing now, I have to stand up so these monkeys can get out. je t’aime, te amo, my babies.

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