Thanksgiving in Korealand

South Korea

The dinner party was a huge success, and I can gladly say that many a non-American foreigner was enticed and then sucked in by the glorious gluttony that is Thanksgiving. We ate…and ate…and drank…and ate…and went around in a circle and gave thanks for things, which nearly made me cry. To add to the joy of my day, my Saturday work day at Reading Town turned into only 30 minutes spent interviewing two lovely children/reading a book in Nemo class while waiting for said children, then returning home to watch downloaded episodes of Glee between cooking and cleaning. Glorious surprise! Jon was incredibly pleased with the crowd’s reaction to his bacon dressed turkey, my garlic mashed potatos quickly disappeared, Marisa’s spinach and feta quesadilas were divine and we were also introduced to several other western-if not American-dishes. Trifle, banoffee pie, and Titus’ “apple snicker salad” which I flatly refuse to call a salad. (Cut up apples and snicker bars tossed in a LOT of whipped cream does not a salad make. Though I heard it was quite delish.) Nary a grain of rice or bite of kimchi was to be found.  The holiday was a good slice of warm and cozy for my soul. Next up-Hong Kong for Christmas with the bf and his fam.  I don’t believe it will be as warm and cozy, but it will be lovely for certain.

Master chef at work. Apron and all.
Appetizer table!
Choppin onions like a lady.

Nowhere to put the turkey but on the floor, post-oven!

Yo yo yo ladiesssss!!
Immediately back to eating.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Korealand”

  1. Jon,
    Maybe there is a bit of a language barrier, however, when I read a post that states you are taking my daughter to Hong Kong and the words”warn and cozy” are involved, I take it to mean you will be repsonsible for her. Take that duty serious young man. Maiming you, if need be, would not only not be a problem, It would be my pleasure. Knife…conservatory…you know the rest. Have a great time!

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