These kids are funny

South Korea

Amusing things that happened yesterday:


When asking Nemo class why their fifth classmate, David, was absent (they are the second baby class, so around 5 years old) I was given the response-after much chatter in Korean and lots of hand signals-that “David’s head is broken!” I still don’t really know what happened, we’ll see if David shows up with 18 stitches today how honest those kids were being.

Louis, our adorably flamboyant little man in Pooh class-loves pink, show tunes and other little boys at the ripe age of 6-pulled me aside to whisper in my ear “teacher, do you want to hear my song? I wrote.” He then continued to whisper/sing a little ditty about the sun in the sky and flying dogs, or some such business. Louis then got a little embarassed since other children were beginning to gather around, so he said “I will write it down and give tomorrow!”, then scurried away. Awesome.

Lastly, and also from Pooh class, dear sweet Sebastian had a fun little role in the overall amusement of my day. In conversation class, where Jenny teacher and I practice the week’s phone script for telephone class on Tuesdays, Sebastian -who is without a doubt the slowest child in that class-couldn’t fathom a good response to the question “what is your favorite sport to watch?” After watching his other classmates answer the exact same question with actual activities like swimmin, running, baseball, and ice skating, Sebastian very energetically yelled “ice cream!” Really Sebastian, a sport is where you move, remember what we talked about last week? “Ice cream!” Guess he doesn’t remember. Personally I love Sebastian. He’s sweet, kind and super super cute. It’s not his fault he’s terrible at English-he’s probably terrible at Korean too, he’s just not too quick on the uptake.

Sebastian on the left-look at that adorable face! And hat!

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