The best of the Marshall Islands comes to Korea

South Korea

This weekend marked the the triumphant return into my life of the one and only K. Rehani-one of my very favorite characters and possibly my favorite Minnesotoan (what?)  from my time spent in the Marshall Islands back in 2007-2008. As that now makes 5 former World Teachers living and teaching in South Korea, four of us got together in Hongdae for a night of beverages and dancing our faces off. Sunday also was Jenny teacher’s birthday, and last Wednesday was Emily teacher’s birthday, plus Cassy and Luke are peacing out this week….it was a big weekend for celebration. A giant group of us ended up taking over the back room of GoGos, and I was left phenomenally impressed. That joint is relegated in my mind as the “sticky floor place”, but on Saturday not only was the floor NOT sticky, they played amazing music. I’m talking Passion Pit, old Death Cab b-sides, and more. Not to mention happy hour was from 10-midnight with $2 cocktails-which were only 4 bucks after midnight. Actual delicious mixed drinks! I was beyond impressed, and I think that in my eventually drunken state I probably voiced my praises a million times. I don’t particularly recall getting home, but was well taken care of and made it there around 5am. It’s been awhile since the last late-late night, and I think it was the perfect way to welcome Rehani, say farewell to Cassy and Luke (who are returning to that cold tundra known as Minnesota this coming Thursday) and celebrate the birth of everyone’s favorite drunk-napping Korean woman.

So happy that my face still hurts.
yes yes yes


In Reading Town news, a bunch more silly crap is going down, but I don’t particularly feel like expounding on that here in the bliggity blog. Open class is next week, and everyone is working themselves into a tizzy over the fact that parents will be in the classroom. It’s like all our Korean teachers (who teach in English) forget that they actually speak great English-for the most part-and just try to go completely overboard by making excessive extras for the class. Why don’t they do it for every class? Why are we made to feel like sucking in the parents (and their money) is so much more important than the actual education that the children are given everyday? I’m just sick of it, mostly. Not to mention the holidays are coming, and the distinct lack of vacation (in case you didn’t pick up on it, I only have Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off. I work every other day. Including until 5:30 on NYE) is making me very grumpy and cynical. I apologize if I seem down on Korea as a whole, but sometimes it’s all very hard to digest, let alone go along with. I’m not much the grin and bear it type. Oh well, back to listening to Noah and the Whale and addressing my handful of Christmas cards. It’s December!! And for that, I can honestly say I am very thankful.

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  1. As I feel the tears run down my cheek… you party like your father. I should worry, as some would. yeah right!!!! fuck that!!! live the life Mo! je t’aime.

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