It snowed on the mountain!

South Korea

I’ve spent the majority of my life at home and abroad living in very flat places. Ohio. France. I mean hell-in the Marshall Islands, the highest point above sea level was 12 meters. TWELVE METERS. And that was a land bridge connecting two parts of the atoll on the main island. That wasn’t even on my actual island, where I lived. It was slightly claustrophobic at times. I mean, imagine being in the middle of a giant Pacific storm verging on tsunami territory, and knowing that no matter what happens, you have nowhere high to climb to? Freaky deaky. Really. Slightly panic-attack inducing. So anyway, Korea is just chock-full of beautiful, fun to climb mountains. And it snowed for the first time here over the weekend! (I love how Korean seasons operate on an exactly seasonal basis-practically the first day of December has snow, first day of June is hot, it’s so strangely technical!) I’ve been fighting off a crap sinus infection since last Thursday, but as my Christmas shopping needs don’t give an F about my personal health or my green snot, I still managed to spend a decent amount of time out of doors this weekend in various markets  whilst bundled to my earlobes and decked in various layers of wool. It was a winter wonderland, particularly yesterday. Walking hand in hand with my darling, checking out the twinkling lights in the city before meeting for little Ben’s birthday dinner, and sipping on my travel mug of caramel macchiato-it felt wonderfully Christmassy.

I also had a very interesting experience on Saturday evening that would never have ever had a chance of occuring if I were not a wagook princess livin it up in Korea. My friend of a friend, YeonJae had asked if I would be willing to do a voice recording session for a company she works for. The gig would pay 50,000 won and only take about an hour, so I said “fo sho” and signed myself up. So I get to the place in Gangnam on Saturday night a few minutes before 6, ready for my appointment, and  find myself in a dark alley off the main street (don’t worry fam, Juan was with me and we all know I am a stellar self-defender anyway) just as a car was pulling up. A cute Korean girl about my age pops out, asking if I’m there for the recording, and when I say yes she takes me inside to sign some paperwork. We then head back out to the car and spend the next hour driving around on the highway, me in the passenger’s seat, she in the back and an old Korean man whose only English contribution to the evening was saying “Okay”  driving us both. My job was to read from a four-page script of specialized GPS type lingo. Example: call Cervantes at mobile. Really. I had to say that. Example 2: Show me a library near here.  Etc etc. I read addresses, names, and general directions. Apparently this was for a sort of research project that some company is doing to make personalized voice-activated GPS, and they need to do tests, in moving cars, with American and Canadian speakers.  (No Brits allowed!) 200 speakers, to be exact. So at the end of the hour the Korean girl, who was just lovely, and the ajoshi, who was also lovely I guess, dropped us off near one of the tube stations back in Gangnam-after paying me my 50k in an envelope, and we went off to Itaewon to meet our friends for a fantastic dinner at a pub called The Wolfhound. I tried my first ever “authentic” fish n chips, and Jon nearly died of happiness after eating a icky little dish appetizingly deemed “toad in the hole”. (Did you catch my sarcasm?) I didn’t stay out too late, as I’m ill. But at least I’m now well on my way to being a famous voice over actress. I’ll take bookings in Asia or anywhere in the continental US. You’ll have to be in touch with my agent.

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  1. “Jerk” better mean ” I love and miss you dad because I am so like you” in Korean. If not, prepare for my wrath. je t’aime. lyb

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