Ringing in 2010

South Korea

Happy New Year all! This year for my Asian celebration I kept it low key, having good ol’ Jon over, as well as Dave and HaYoung. Jon made a lovely dinner (we found asparagus! ahhhh!!). And I drank a few too many martinis before dinner, which may or may not have resulted in me taking a short (hour long) nap before Jon dragged me out of bed as the countdown began.  At least I looked fabulous, trying out my new Chinese dress from the Hong Kong trip, and also testing out a very, very red new lipstick-definitely not my regular style, but I felt like having a theme for the evening. It was a good, chill way to say good riddance to 2009 and howdy-do to 2010. Hope everyone out there had a marvelous night as well. Love love love!

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