K-Pop for the New Year

South Korea tunes

For your listening pleasure, or amusement, dear friends. It’s been awhile since I put up any vids, so today’s your lucky day. I shall put up more than one!

Brown-Eyed Girls: Yes, I love them, although this is def no “Abracadabra.”


2PM: The Korean folk seem to love this one, can’t say that I’m a big fan though. Make your own decision. The boys can dance when tehy want to!

This next one is twofold in its amusement factor. The group name is ShinEE (ha!) and the song is “Ring Ding Dong”. I’m giggling all over the place, but it’s an infectious tune nonetheless.  Oh, and sidenote-my children now like to use “elastic” as a superlative as per the song (it rhymes with “fantastic” which apparently was the songwriter’s main objective when penning this ditty).


Kara: these girls are super cute as well. This song was big this summer.


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