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I went to my second concert since coming to Korea nearly a year ago, and it was amazing. Muse came and played in the same place, the Olympic Stadium, that I saw Lady Gaga at in July. They are a fantastic group, and I’d nearly forgotten how much I love their music. It’s an epic, orchestral kind of sound, operatic at times, soaring, rocking and basically all of those things that remind you that the world is amazing and that you can do anything. And I know that saying all those things are cliched, but I’ve had such a rough time lately in Korea, and going to the show really lit me up again and reminded me how much live, passionate music means to me, what it means to my life and the person that I am. Despite having a purely Korean moment that really put me off before the show even started (an old ajumma-grandma-asked me to “keep my voice down”, after we’d already found our spots…um, lady, it’s a rock show, maybe you got lost on the way to the kimchi museum?….yeah, shut it) I had a fantastic time. The set was nuts, the crowd was great, the pit was rocking, and I felt like I was far, far away from the crushing insanity that my life in Korea has become. I needed it.



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    1. Thanks! They really are amazing-it was fun seeing them in a large arena rather than the last time I saw them at a smaller venue in the States. I’d def go again:)

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