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Yesterday I had a pretty intense day, starting with an argument with one head teacher and ending with a very heated discussion with another, all stemming from the fact that I will not be staying in Korea past my contract (which ends on February 21st). Wait, scratch that, I WILL be staying past my contract, just not for the nearly 2 months extra that they are trying to guilt me into staying for. Some fun excerpts from the second argument:

“Ashley, I think that you are being selfish, because we are family here.”

“I know that you want to go back to America for your niece’s 1st birthday, but we maybe cannot hire someone by then.”

“We have been very generous to you!” (Side note: No. They haven’t. Case in point: I was told that I would need to come into work after having my wisdom teeth taken out due to a giant swollen infection that left me in a lot of pain and unable to do more than mumble. Same day, wanted me to come in. Generous? Maybe not.)

“I think you are white and getting whiter every day. And more beautiful!”

“How many tattoos do you have?”

“I just got my ears pierced. It hurt! Do you have any piercings? Your nipples maybe?”

All of this happened within the same 40 minute argument/discussion/mind-boggling encounter. So that was my day yesterday. It was not so great, and left me with that sort of giggly, what the F is happening to my life kind of feeling, where I couldn’t really function and just needed to go sit quietly somewhere.  Honestly, sometimes I  cannot handle the craziness of this country-and by country I really mean bureaucratic private academies. My school is trying to guilt me into doing favors for them, somewhat illegally, while saying that they think of me as family and asking me to choose their silly business over my ACTUAL FAMILY. The one that I share blood with and that doesn’t try to get me to work 6 days a week, the one that doesn’t use Koreans as slave labor, and the one that doesn’t use my pretty little white face as a recruitment tool for potential money-spending mommies.

Anyway, funny story. When I asked Nemo class today if they knew what a “pony” was, both Edward and David started spanking their little bottoms and saying “Yes! Horse goes like this!” while frolicking around the room in horsey fashion. And then Mary fell off her chair. Good times at kindergarten, I tell ya.

Oh! And I’m going to be in an actual magazine, not just on the website that I told you lovely people about last week. So that’s a little more exciting, innit? I’m practically a celebrity. I hope they pick a good picture-I had to send in 3, but I thought it was just for the interwebs, not for a print publication, so I hope it all works out and makes me look gorgeous. Wouldn’t want to be an uggo in a glossy mag!

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  1. Mo, I feel for ya kiddo. However after reading those outtakes, I am laughing my ass off ! Did they really ask that? Would have loved to hear your responses. STICK BY YOUR GUNS MO!!!Je T’aime.

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