Disney Movies: Korean Style

South Korea

Friday we took the little ones to see the new Disney movie,” The Princess and The Frog”. It was great, and I loved it. As I write this, I’m watching Aladdin on dvd, so actually it’s started a bit of a Disney movie watching weekend for me (next up, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, possibly followed by Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty-really wish I had access to Mulan around here).

I loved how the movie had the feel of the Disney films that I loved as a child. From the animation (Disney went back to a purely 2-D style for this one) to the rockin songs. And this is how I feel after seeing it in Korean…I’m pretty sure I’ll equally enjoy it in English.  Another strong point is the female lead-Tiana is headstrong like all the princesses of Disney, but she works two jobs to be able to start her own restaurant, and doesn’t fall for the charms of the playboy prince right away. She saves his life a few times and even when they eventually do fall in love (c’mon, you knew that would happen) she still opens her restaurant and fulfills her dream. Girl’s got a work ethic! And, as anyone who has heard even remotely about this film, she is African-American, as are most of the characters in the cast (Prince Naveen is from Maldovia, Tiana’s best friend is white). About time.  Anyway, go see it, it’s super fun.

I also took my Fuji Instax Mini that Jon got me for Christmas (what can I say, the dude knows I like cameras, so he continues to buy them for me. Can’t complain.) on the field trip so I could snap some pictures of my babies.

The kids enjoyed the novelty-here is Cleo, Lucy, Mark, and Peter. And Ashley Teacher!
Oh Nancy...she always closes her eyes! And Nicole's been wearing a face mask since the great Swine Flu outbreak of Oct. '09

Tonight I’m heading to Jamsil to be posh and go to the theater. Phantom of the Opera! I’m very excited. I love theater and although this will be in Korean, I know the story front to back anyway, and I’m sure the show will be great. Getting dressed up, having a meal, then going to Phantom-sounds like a good Saturday night to me. Tomorrow it will be back to studying at the coffee shop. I really can’t believe that January is nearly over. Wow. And on that note, it’s time to focus my full attention on Aladdin. Ugh-Jasmine just kissed Jafar. That is sooo gross.

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