Phantom of the Opera

South Korea
Yogiiiiiii the Phantom of the Operaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

It was so. Fun. I love love love Phantom, and was enthralled nearly as much as I would be in the English version. Our seats-since we went for the cheapies-were in the very back, highest row up, but it was just fine.

On the way to the show we walked through the Lotte Hotel and stopped to take some pictures with the giant stuffed polar bear they have in the lobby…

Ladies + Polar Bear
"Why do you love that baby polar bear so much Ashley? Why?" -Jon

Then I came home and watched all the songs on YouTube in English. It was great. Then I went to bed. Then I woke up this morning and watched “Up” with Jon and Marisa. (Putting my Disney movie count at 4 for the weekend.) Then I went to the coffee shop and did grammar for my TESL course until I wanted to rip my eyes out. Good stuff. Now I shall be watching Glee on the internet. Yay for the weekend!

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