A patriotic evening

South Korea

I’ve spent my evening thus far doing two things completely unrelated to one another.  Let’s talk about it!

First, my mom’s Christmas present to me finally came to Korealand. And by finally, I mean she sent it on January 15th and it got here today. Yay! It consisted of two things: Betty Boop pajama pants (arriving just in time for tomorrow’s “pajama party” at RT-bet your sexy lingerie there will be pics from that later on) and a Sony Reader! Now, anyone that knows me knows that I love love love books. I have been a giant geeky bibliophile since a very young age, and I plan on remaining so until my old blind eyes can’t see anymore-at which point I will make small children read to me, most likely “The Princess Bride” over and over again until I die. But I digress. The Reader is cool because it will be great for traveling-it’s a slim little package, sort of an MP3 player for books, and by downloading them free from the gutenberg project’s website I can read pretty much whatever I want. Fun. Awesome job Mama!

Second, I watched the State of the Union address by my main man Obama on the internet. I’ve avoided the news of what was said all day because I wanted to watch it on my own and form my own opinions, and I’m glad I did. I know it’s just talking, but I feel so much more hope for the future after listening. Plans for health care, education reform, industry, clean energy …it gets me revved up. So often it’s incredibly difficult being an America living abroad.  People think I’m rich, they think everyone owns guns, they think we love fighting, they think that I am arrogant and entitled because I’m American, and I am none of these things. It was harder to be abroad with Bush in office, but now with Obama, I am much prouder of the steps my dear homeland is taking to be a real player and not just a bully on the global playground. No single nation is perfect, but I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. Baby steps, America. On a side note, I made the Brit watch with me (since I watched his Queen give her speech on Christmas day) but he wasn’t as patriotic as I wanted him to be. In fact he laughed at my cheers of “USA! USA!” at the end of the broadcast. What’s up with that?

Oh, and third! My magazine came today! I’m in an actual magazine…really. It’s weird, and kind of cool. They definitely edited some of my words and it kind of makes me sound more Korean, which is strange. But I’m not too worried about a lot of people I know reading a random Korean food and agricultural magazine, even if I am inside.

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