Things I Will Miss: A Compilation

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I know that over the past few, maybe several, months I’ve had a somewhat negative tinge to my posts, specifically when I discuss anything work related. And while I won’t apologize to Korea as a whole-after all, sarcasm and cynicism via my writing/speaking are kinda my thing-I am fully aware that there are many things that I will miss terribly about this peninsula and the life that I’ve lived on it. So let’s make a list! Oooooo I love lists.

* First and foremost. Children! Cute, precocious, wickedly adorable Korean children. EVERYWHERE.

*Not paying rent. Of course this had to go on the list.

*Mountains. Right outside my front door. Ohio=not so mountainy.

*Kimchi jijae. I freakin love kimchi jijae.

*As long as we’re talking about food, I’d say most Korean food, particularly bibimbap, kimbap, the aforementioned jijae and most anything that isn’t squid.

*The price of all that yummy, veg filled Korean deliciousness. So cheap!

*My lovely apartment. Thanks, Mr.Yoo for giving us a good one, and not a crap pink-sparkled abomination. Like some people have.

*My wonderful roommate/love/friend and #1 Canadian, in my book.

*My boyfriend-Korea’s going to hold onto him for a bit longer, methinks.

*The Friday/Saturday markets on both streets surrounding my apartment.

*Disgustingly cheap and easy public transportation.

*Being told I’m beautiful every day, at least once, often by complete strangers. Does wonders for one’s ego. ¬†Koreans love blonde girls.

*Mr. Yoo. While he is indeed married to the dragon lady, as the other half of my bosses, he does a good job overall. Bought me a new phone when mine died, comes to our house anytime we need something. And he has a fabulous purple cardigan that he wears often-there’s nothing I love more than a man with a love of cardigans.

*NORAEBANG. When again will I ever live in a place where the general populace loves karaoke enough to have private rooms for cheap rates everywhere?

*Buying clothes/shoes on the street. Good ones too! (Believe me, I’m about to ship a box full of 20 shoes home-I counted! Damn you Korea!)

*No call time at the bar/clubs. This isn’t a huge one, but sometimes I really just want to keep on dancing all night, and that’s not an option when the club you’re at wants to close at 2am. Sometimes that’s just too early, and in Korea, well, that’s never a problem.

*Children. Really. I’m going to miss them the most, above and beyond anything else.


I miss my babies already.

Well now I’m off to work. It’s my second-to-last Friday! It will be a long day-Friday’s really aren’t fun, my schedule sucks. But after work is my goodbye party dance-off 2010. It’s going to be a rager in Hongdae, and I’m going to wear my new black peep-toe cut out booties that I bought last weekend. ¬†(Really, I wasn’t lying up there about the amount of stuff I have bought this year. While all were for good prices, I may have gone a little bit overboard. I think it makes up for my year in the Marshall Islands where I bought nothing at all for a year. Even stevens.) Anyway, feet will be hurt by the dancing. I can’t wait.

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