Goodbye Party Follow-Up

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The dance-a-thon Friday night that was my goodbye party was a smashing success. Post-work I hurried home to try on nearly everything in my closet, decided on the skinny jeans, black top and fabulous booties, and we were on our way! The rainy day and busy week had left everyone in not such a party mood, but as the Pyeongnae/Hopyeong contingent of the group met at our house for a few cocktails before leaving, our spirits lifted. By the time we got on the bus we were rarin to go shake off the dreary, long work week.

Hongdae was rocking as usual for a Friday night-despite the rain, it was slightly warmer than it has been, and the 7 inches of snow from earlier in the week had mostly melted, so it felt slightly spring-ier. Our group expanded and moved to Gogo’s, which really has impressed me the last few times we’ve gone-great tunes, a dance floor upstairs, and real drinks for good prices (no shit Cass or Hite for me!) We were also given tickets for two free drinks at the door (well, not really free after 10 dollar cover, but you know what I mean) AND we got free Smirnoff  t-shirts squished into the shape of a bottle. Exciting! After dancing for a few hours to kitschy hip-hop/pop tunes (and maybe having a dance-off or two with this awesome Korean dude that loved Marisa) we moved on to Jane’s Groove. There was a drunken toast by the bf that made me cry, some group hugs, more dancing, and eventually Jon and I caught a cab home at 4. Bed by 5:30!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling a little worse for wear, but not too bad overall. That is, until I discovered that I’d idiotically lost my foreigner id card AND my bank card. Which is pretty rough considering that 1) I leave a week from today and have to turn in my foreigner card at the airport, and will be forced to pay 100,000 won ($100) if I don’t, and 2) I didn’t pay for a single drink all night, so how did I lose my bank card?? Oh, and 3) I officially have no cash, and no way to get the cash out since I am sans card.  Also, this may be a problem for getting back my pension from the school. I am worried. and really just hoping for the best. As it is, I will be going to the bank tomorrow morning with my passport in hopes of getting a new bank card asap, and also asking my director to help me get a new id card. Keep your fingers crossed for me! And ladies, here’s my PSA for the day-never put chunky mittens in a small clutch purse. When you pull the mittens out, your things will fall out. Especially if you’ve had a few cocktails and you aren’t paying attention. I believe this may have been my downfall. Damn you cute yellow clutch! You looked so cute with my ensemble, and this is how you repay me??

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