My Last Day!

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I’m currently sitting on the couch at 8:30 a.m. It’s Friday, I’m streaming the new She & Him album from NPR, and it’s my last day at Reading Town! Woo hoo! I can barely contain my excitement. At this point I’m not too sad yet-the day is going to be a blur of showing the new girl around (more on that in a moment), teaching all my classes(Fridays are super busy) and crying my eyes out as I say goodbye to the kids and friends that I have come to love dearly. But let’s talk about stuff!

So-new girl! Last night, Jon, Dave, Marisa and I ventured to Jamsil under Dave’s guidance to eat a delicious kimchi jijae dinner(it’s one of my favorite Korean dishes). After rushing home via taxi we found new girl-Lisa from Georgia-asleep on the couch. See, Reading Town did another fab job, and didn’t ask any of the foreign teachers their plans for this week and while they assumed that the new teacher would be sleeping at Emily/Caitlin’s 3 bedroom place for the 3 days she is here until I get on a plane, they never actually ASKED Emily and Caitlin if their spare room was available. And Emily’s family is currently here for the week, leaving their house as crowded as our own (we’ve also got the 3 bedroom thing going on, with Marisa and 2 Ashley’s taking up all the available sleeping space). So that meant that last night our director brought Lisa to our house, bags and all, and she passed out surrounded by her possessions on our couch. The four of us returned home around 10:30 and snuck quietly into Marisa’s room to watch YouTube videos while sitting on her bed like a bunch of teenagers.

Now it’s Friday, we’ve got a full house, and I’m pumped. I know that today will be an emotional day, but it’s also going to be super hectic and chaotic, so that should keep the weeping to a minimum. Tonight we are going out for shabu shabu, another one of my favorite foods, as my chosen “goodbye dinner”. Marisa has already cried on me this morning and made me tear up. Ugh. I wish I could pack her and the bf up with me and make them come to Ohio…that’d be perfect.

This time next week I’ll be getting ready for a road trip to Pittsburgh for my lady friend’s bachelorette party, after having spent the week visiting with my best friends and my dad, lazing about my dad’s house, eating the foods I’ve missed and watching the tv that I didn’t really miss but want to watch anyway (hello Food Network, how I’ve missed thee…). It’s going to be a strange transition, but I think I’m ready. At least I feel that way this morning, with my bags still un-packed and my favorites waiting to have dinner with me tonight. Ask me again on Sunday morning at the airport.

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