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So I’m back! My flight and the whole adventure of leaving was incredibly sad.  Jon, Marisa and I got a hotel near the airport in order to be a bit closer for my 6 am check-in time (we live two hours from the airport), so to spend the evening we bought some wine and watched hotel tv. In the morning, the wine in my stomach combined with the ball of sadness to overall make me feel like throwing up. I was pretty miserable-trying to go through the gate to actually start the real check-in, which meant leaving the two of them, mostly involved me running back and forth a few times, while crying and squeezing them far too much. Eventually I did say my farewells and checked in-I’d had to check my one carry-on because it was too heavy, and in true Asian fashion, they apologized for my inconvenience and upgraded me to business class for my flight! I thought that was just swell of them, although I felt too sad to really enjoy it, plus the upgrade was only the first leg of my journey-a two hour flight to Japan to make the connection on to Chicago. Business clas would have been fabulous for the transcontinental journey…but I digress.

The Tokyo-Chicago 11 hour leg of the trip was not a good one. There was an impossibly adorable infant, maybe 2 weeks old, sitting in the next row over. Cried the ENTIRE TIME. I wasn’t angry or anything, although I’m sure many were, but that baby was unhappy, to say the least, so that made sleeping/sitting overall a bit more uncomfortable than anyone really wants on a flight over the ocean. Anyway, from Chicago to Columbus was quick and painless, though by this point I couldn’t keep my eyes open even for the short 40 minute flight. When my Dad saw me strolling somewhat druggedly through the airport, he laughed. Then we got my bags (they all made it! although my large blue piece of luggage is now missing a zipper, wtf?) and we went to Chipotle. AMERICAAAAAAA!!

Last night some of the bff’s fo life came over, which was at once wonderful and hilarious due to my extreme jet lag and the fact that I’d only had the chance to nap for a little over 2 hours before one Mr. Joe jumped on me while screaming about how he was happy I was back.  The evening was laid back and now my jet lag has gotten me up before 8 am to get a big start on a busy, rainy Monday in Ohio. It’s good to be back, although my heart hurts for my favorites I’ve left in Korea. Marisa, Jon…I love you both so much. Thank God for Skype.

And now to get reassimilated to that good ol American life…(now with health care, new and improved)!

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