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I’ve been home a week and a day now. It feels like much longer. While I’m still just excited to be back in a place where I understand absolutely every thing (within reason, of course, i’m not omnipotent)I definitely miss some parts of Korea already, which makes me feel kind of lame. Most specifically, I really miss a solid public transport at the moment. In my 8 days thus far in the U.S. I’ve been dependent on my parents and my friends to drive me around-currently not that awesome since I live in the country and that involves driving OUT here first, then turning around to go wherever we’re going (because unless it involves cow tipping or the grocery store, it’s not round these parts, feel me?) But I won’t be getting a place of my own until I get a job, at which point I will also get a car….it’s a vicious circle, as I only just got back and don’t really want to work yet. I’m on vacation dammit! Korea made me tired. So I don’t want to start working immediately and yet I don’t want to live with my Dad for all that long either. Catch 22 indeed.

Moving on. I was worried when I returned to Ohio that I’d have to retake the state driver’s exam. See, my 25th bday was back in October, and you’re SUPPOSED to do it then. But I was in Korea, obviously. And months passed….5 and a 1/2 months, to be exact. But it turns out you have until 6 months after the expiration date to get a new license. I would have hit the 6 month mark next week. So woo hoo for lucky happenings! I went this morning to the podunk little BMV in my dad’s town, and it was a lovely reminder of why it’s sometimes better to skip out on doing things in the city. The guy was super friendly, and when I didn’t have cash to pay with (note: who doesn’t accept cards these days? country folk, that’s who) he told me to just run across the street to the bank.  So I did, paid my $45 renewal+late fees and got a brand spanking new-very pink-license. The picture is good to0, so that’s a bonus. Pretty stoked to not look gross for the next 5 (10?) years until I get another one.

The weekend was great-my first one back in the States, and I road tripped over to Pittsburgh, which is about a 3 hour drive from where I live. We were heading to our friend Anna’s bridal shower/bachelorette party, and the whole thing was just wonderful. The bridal shower was in a converted old Victorian house owned by some old ladies who throw parties. It was small and intimate. We had “high tea”, which consisted of delicious pastries, croissants, sandwiches and all sorts of goodies, and then Anna opened up her gifts. It was short, sweet and classy. And it realllly made me want to get married, or at least have a party for myself where people give me presents. Why is it that only the girls getting married get household presents? Can’t I have a “I just got back in the country and I’ve been living a pretty awesome life” party? With a registry at Crate & Barrel and Target? Let’s work on that.

The younger set of ladies were all going to be in attendance at the bachelorette, so we headed to a large (seriously, large) German beer house (Haufbrauhaus for those in the know) for a few giant beers, then headed back to our friend’s apartment for a night of  bacheloretting-slumber party style. There were “naughty” games, beers, loads of hummous and veg lasagna, and a little game for our dear bride wherein she had to guess the giver of specific pairs of undies. Good times.

sexy, right? gotta love a high-waisted leopard print that feels like sandpaper.
And here she is, not looking silly, just beautiful and happy.

It was a good way to spend a weekend, and I’m really looking forward to the wedding in a few weeks. I love weddings. Really, really do.  Get dressed up, eat delicious food, dance the night away all in a veil of love and happiness-what’s not to enjoy?

Besides the wedding, I don’t really have much to do. Life post-Korea has hit that boring stride that it always does every time I come back from somewhere far away. There’s that place where you don’t know what’s next. As of right now, trying to finish up my TEFL sooner rather than later would be good. And I’m going to start training for some 5k races here in the next month or so, just to give myself something to do.  Obviously some light job hunting, which will eventually segue into hard-core job hunting when my bank account begins to deplete itself-is in order. So I guess I should apologize to those who just want to read about my fascinating life in Asia, because now it’s on to my equally fascinating life in America….wait, what, it’s NOT fascinating? Liar. You lie.

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