Two Weeks In…


At some point I will not do blogs based soley on an arbitrary time frame, but that moment is not now.

Yesterday marked two weeks back in the old Midwest. Two weeks of more emotion than one would think is possible to have in two weeks. Two weeks of ¬†jumping back and forth between being so pumped to be back in America that I feel light and fluffy, and then feeling so stressed about the day-to-day of being back here and having to figure out my life again that I just want to curl up and watch 8 hours of Law and Order re-runs on the USA network. ¬†Which I’ve done and must say that it definitely helped out the situation.

When I haven’t been completely stressed, I’ve been kind of busy actually. I’m nearly done with my TEFL, and I’m researching jobs and grad schools like it’s my, um…job. But sometimes, it’s all just really hard. There are so many questions. Do I want to be a teacher forever? Do I want to live in Ohio, or somewhere else in the States? Do I want to live in the States at all, or join the bf in England? Should I go back to school? For what? Where? Can I afford it?Can I bring the bf here? Why isn’t anyone emailing me back about these jobs that I’m super qualified for?

Constant questions.

And it makes me really sad, and confused, and frustrated. So I’m trying to stay optimistic about my future. I mean, a year ago, or 2 years ago, or 3 years ago, I never would have been able to predict everything that’s happened to me so far. And I’ve done a lot of crazy, interesting, quirky things that I would never wish out of my life. But I kind of just want to give the boring, solid life a try now, and it seems like a million things are getting in the way. (Plus, you know, I really want a puppy, and I just can’t do that when I continuously leave the country).

So the point is, or at least the point right now is, that I’m going to keep writing. More often. Because well…I feel like it. And interesting things seem to happen in my life, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the next step, okay? Yes, this was originally a blog about living in Korea-and I’m sorry that I can’t keep you guys in the loop about the cool happenings on that wondrous Asian peninsula anymore, but hey, Ohio and the world I’m living in is pretty fun too. So if there’s stuff you’d like me to talk about on here, you just let Miss Ashley know, m’kay? And otherwise. Stay tuned!

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