England here I come!


Reunited, and it feels so gooooood…..

I should  maybe probably save that little ditty for when we’re ACTUALLY reunited. Which is the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I get on a plane and fly that-a-way. Columbus-JFK-Reykjavik-Heathrow. I must say, I’ve never flown to or through Iceland (woohoo Reykjavik!) and I hope I get a looksie out the window at the airport during my little layover, at least. The whole trip will take around 12 hours or so, and I am going to try my darndest to get some sleep so I’m bright eyed and busy tailed when my love comes to get me at the airport Wednesday morning. I’m also hoping he doesn’t forget me, or get lost, or something in that vein. Yay for summer!

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