Baking bread!


We decided that we would combine our efforts today and make a few loaves of homemade bread. Partially inspired by the fact that Jon’s mother owns a bread making machine that sits forlornly on the kitchen counter and has never been used. Not that our plans included using it-to the contrary, we wanted to make bread without the use of said bread maker, just because a bread maker is so unnecessary (although I’ve never independently made a bit of bread one way or the other, so my opinions are thoroughly ignorant, but that is how Jon feels about the bread making machinery). According to him, it’s easy as pie to whip up some delicious loaves, and he did it often as a poor college student. Mmmmkay.

Maxi waited patiently, hoping for crumbs of anything to be dropped to her level-poor, eager little thing.

Unfortunately our efforts heeded nothing in the category of “edible foods”. For one, Jon forgot to add the sugar and salt. Oops! And then it turned out that the yeast we used had expired in 2003…hence, there was no rising, even after we left them out like this in the back garden to rise in the afternoon sun:

After we’d given up, pathetically, Jon’s mother still tried to salvage them and popped them in the oven. What emerged was two rock hard somethings that no one could ever eat. Similar in my mind to the hard tack that the pilgrims used to travel with-bread that wouldn’t go bad after months at sea.Yes, something like that. We didn’t taste test it.

Tomorrow we’re going to buy more (new) yeast and try again. This time I’m in charge. Wish me luck!

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