My turn!

We tried again with the bread today. It worked. It is delicious, albeit a bit denser than I would have liked. Still, score one for my first loaf.

The weather was legitimately gorgeous too-I even have a bit of a sunburn from sitting in the garden reading for a long time. Sunscreen would have been a good idea.

Spud also enjoyed the beautiful day.

This evening marked my first taste of  “English summer” via a few glasses of Pimm’s. I’ve been told it’s basically England in a bottle. To me it just looks like some brown juicy stuff, sort of like apple juice or a similar  (but alcoholic) beverage. You drink it by mixing it with lemonade and various chopped up fruits, sort of like sangria. It’s pretty alright by me. Not amazing though.  (Don’t tel the Brits I said that).

Pimm's with a little decoration from the yard.

Tomorrow : more reading, heading to Brighton to watch some more World Cup (speaking of, poor North Korea! Did you guys watch that game? I’ve seen different coverage on how it was reported in NK since it was showing live. One saying that they cut off the broadcast after the 4th goal and cut to an interview with Kim Jong Il and a biscuit factory, and the other was a live video with lots of heavy edits and North Korean broadcasters saying that North Korea crushed Portugal. Either way, I’m worried for the lives of the players…so scary!), and then a movie. Busy Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to it-we’ve been a bit locked up in the house lately, and as nice as it is, it’s even nicer to splice it up with some good times in the city.

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