Weekend goings-on


Things done since Friday:

*Read “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Very good read, I gobbled it right up. It left me with quite a sense of satisfaction, even more so because I bought it for only 1.50 at a charity shop in town on Friday morning. Yay for cheap books!

*Earned a sunburn by sitting in the garden and reading for hours upon hours. Summer has FINALLY arrived in England, thank you Jesus. I should maybe invest in some sunscreen now, because this heat is legit.

*Dressed up little doggie Spud in the military coat I help Jon pick out for him in Korea. He looked great. Like this:

go ahead..."awwwwwwwwww"

*Spent a lovely Saturday afternoon at Pevensey Bay, which is another beach on the English Channel. We drove out there yesterday to enjoy the beautiful day and eat some ice cream. Although it was yet another rocky beach (which was painful to lie on) it was still very nice and rife with people to watch. The English seem to looooove every bit of sunshine and sea they can get, even if the weather is less than perfect! Although who doesn’t, really. On the way home, we stopped at a pub for dinner and to watch the start of the US  vs Ghana World Cup game. (Sad, sad, sad for America, but oh so happy for all of Africa!) Oh, and the pub was called Blackboys Inn. Seriously. Why that hasn’t been changed in this day and age is beyond me. But that’s their business, I guess, and the place was hopping! While waiting for our meal, I found a beat up old game of Scrabble and brought it back to the table for a heated round of my favorite board game. I didn’t win, unfortunately. But my mushroom tagliatelle was pretty a-okay. Fresh mushrooms from outside!

FYI, some people play some very rude Scrabble ’round these parts. Harrumph.

slag just isn't that nice!

Oh, and some extra special pubs have extra special decor, like this…

I wonder how much money is in the taxidermy waterfowl industry?

Plans for this week include:

Stonehenge! That’s about it. I don’t know if there are other plans, although I plan to start running again so that when I start actually training for the Cbus half-marathon, which is  in October, I won’t want to die. Last time I started training seriously in July, so I figure if I get a few solid weeks of pre-training in before real training starts this year, I’ll be good to go. And I’ve been oh so lazy around here, stuffing my face with bread and cheese on a regular basis. For shame! Point being, this weeks plan includes starting to run again, and hopefully not getting lost while doing so.

Back to Stonehenge though-road tripping that way come Tuesday! I’m excited. In my mind, Stonehenge is a place like Atlantis-it doesn’t exist, and it’s surrounded my a veil of mysticism and secrecy from those who believe in it. But in this case, it’s very real (Jon used to drive by it every time he drove to his university-how weird is that?) AND  I’m going to see it…so that’s great.  I need to do some research!

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